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Be Remarkable


All three of my parents (mom, dad, & step-dad) are devoted to aviation, something I never imagined myself doing. It wasn’t my passion.

Storytelling was.

But I couldn’t support myself on storytelling alone. To put that kind of pressure on my art was unrealistic and unfair.

Knowing I was in a rut, my mom sent me an application for Alaska Airlines, urging me to hurry since the window wouldn’t be open for long.

Hesitantly, I applied.

It involved travel like I wanted and gave me plenty of opportunities to write and experiences to write about, so maybe this would work out.

Also, back in May of 2016 I was single with no potential dating prospects. While I deeply cherished my singleness at times at other times I hated being 24-years-old without ever having been in a relationship before. (Like I hadn’t even held hands with a guy before.)I felt like something was intrinsically wrong with me.

During a dull moment at work this idea felt confirmed when my emotionally-ignorant coworker a…

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