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Campnesia Excerpt: Join-Up & Cross Country

Today I thought I'd post an excerpt from the book I am working on about all my camp experiences. Each short story starts with a confession. Today's two confessions are from a horse camp I started going to at eleven-years-old called Dreamcatcher Ranch. Enjoy! 
Confession #8: I’m a horse whisperer now because of camp. 
If you’re a Robert Redford fan you’ve probably seen The Horse Whisperer. If not, no worries, I’ll sum it up for you: it’s a film about a teen girl and her horse who get into a traumatic accident, in desperate need of healing her mother drives the two out hundreds of miles away from their home in order to receive help from a unique horse trainer name Tom Booker played by the one and only Robert Redford. Now Tom is based off of an actual horse whisperer named Monty Roberts. Monty came up with this technique called join-up. Join-up is a great bonding exercise to do with a horse you are either familiar or not familiar with. All it involves is a round pen and a …

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