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Why Deleting Tinder Was the Best Decision For Me and How I Met the Love of My Life

Hey friends,
Obviously, we want our wishes and desires to work out first, am I right?

But let's be honest... it isn't until Plan G that we actually see the fulfillment of our heart's desires.

That's because Plan G is God's plan and while His timing doesn’t always fit in nicely with our own timeline, it truly is perfect.

God was well aware of my longing to be married one day. To date. To at least have my first kiss before hitting the 30-year mark. But 24 is when He decided to nudge me about the idea of dating.

The Holy Spirit prompted me to pray about dating hours after getting hired as a Flight Attendant.
It seemed odd. Backwards.

Of course, I wanted to date!

Ahem... a while ago.

Why was He asking me to pray about dating now?

I didn't even know what state I would live in.

Ok God, I prayed right then and there in the San Francisco airport, if you've got a guy in mind for me right now please send him my way.

I flew back home to Oregon...
...and joined Tinder at my be…

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