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Grace Upon Grace

In 6 weeks I learned about all the horrible events that could happen on a plane and how to handle/survive those events.
I learned how to extinguish fires, assist in a medical emergency, evacuate a plane (even if my eyes were blinded by smoke), survive in a raft, and oh yeah… how to set up the beverage cart.

Graduation came quickly and I was grateful to finally be reunited with my family and Cody.

But I was nervous because things were about to change… a lot.
I moved to Los Angeles for three months because that was my original base assignment, meaning all my trips started and finished there.
I lived 10 minutes away from the airport in something called a crash pad, which is basically an apartment (or house) intended for rest in between work trips.I shared a space with 24 people from other airlines. There were 4 rooms with 6 people to each.

I know 3 months is nothing compared to hundreds of flight attendants who’ve waited years to be based near home or who have commuted much farthe…

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