Hair = Cut

(Currently listening to: The Funeral by Bands of Horses)

The demon hair is cut my friends! And I must tell you that I feel fantastic right now. I can probably run a whole lot faster now and I feel like doing cartwheels I am THAT thrilled about my hair being chopped off. I still have my locks with me and am getting them ready to be sent off and made into a wig. YAY!



  1. I love the new haircut! And I am with you. I love growing my hair out but then get sick of having to take care of it so I end up chopping it all off. Amanda, you is cute (like my bad grammar on your writing blog?)

  2. Hahaha. Thanks Ellen! I know long hair is such a drag and I do actually like your bad grammar on my writing blog. It reminds me of the book "The Help."
    You is kind, your is smart, you is important! :)


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