Hair Verdict...

Happy Thorsday Everyone! 

So, today I have some interesting news for you: This is my last night of long hair (for forever, most likely, but we'll see because who the heck really knows.)

My spidey-senses are a tingling and telling me that many of you are currently rolling your eyes at me because... well, I only started this blog a couple days ago and declared my unwillingness to cut my hair off until my book is published, but... let me tell you's not like by cutting my hair I am giving up on my goal of book publishing-ness. 
Nope, not at all. 
It was a rather ridiculous goal in a way (maybe fun at first, but not so much now), especially since it's gotten this long. (I'll show you pictures here in a second.) Plus, I started this goal over a year ago, so I didn't just come up with this crazy goal and then bail out on it immediately. I suffered through this hair for a LONG LONG LONG time! 

I am SO weird. This is arguably the stupidest post I've ever written. 

The decision was really up to Erika Juenling. She liked my blogpost link on Facebook and I asked her: To cut or not to cut?

Erika: Hmmm.... That is a really tough question!!! I'm kinda leaning towards cutting it though....

Me: Oh man... Erika I love you right now. Hahaha.

So, tomorrow at 15:30 I will be getting at LEAST 6 inches chopped off for Locks of Love. So, what I am doing is a good thing. 

Here is the link to Locks of Love if you are interested:

Ok, picture time! 

This is my not-so-seriously-ticked-off look. 

This is actually the sort of picture that is going to make me want to grow out my hair again. 

Not a good image...

See, I can wrap it around my neck and choke myself. Not good at all. Especially if I get writer's block.
Goodbye, you will not be missed. 
Thumbs up if you LOVE my Dwight Schrute shirt I just got in the mail for my birthday! :) 


  1. Just wanted to say a quick something before you mail your hair to Locks of Love. Locks of Love actually charges for the wigs that they make whereas Pantene Beautiful Lengths gives their wigs to women with cancer for free.
    Here are two websites that talk about the topic: and


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