Today I am going to make a shout out to my Papas. Here is what I wrote on my Facebook wall:
Many people claim to have the best DAD in the world, but few can admit to having the TWO BEST DADS in the world. My STEP-DAD and DAD have always been incredibly wonderful compassionate and hilarious people that I deeply admire. They've always encouraged me to chase after my dreams, to choose my own faith, to think on my own, and have ALWAYS REFUSED to instill the notion that I should settle for anything less than exceptional and for that I am eternally grateful. Thanks guys! You two have shaped me into the weird, creative, caring, (hopefully) funny, and outspoken individual that I am today. I love you both Steve Yancey & Michael A Truby!
I also wanted to share this link from JCPenny. I am extremely proud of them.


Till next time. 
I will actually get some writer stuff in soon, but I really wanted to post this today. 



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