My Quote Book

Apart from devouring my father's delicious homemade tacos, getting my adrenaline-junkie-ness on, reading and writing, I have another addiction... with collecting quotes. 

I am totally and unashamedly obsessed with gathering and documenting the world's most inspiring, hilarious, and downright awesome quotes. I'm sure most of you have already noticed this because I like to share these fantastic findings on Facebook. 

How did I get into this hobby? You may ask. 

Well, back in the dark days (back surgery years) I seriously needed some inspiration. So, I started googling spirit-lifting quotes on the internet. Some of them were just so incredibly brilliant that I didn't want to forget them, so I would write them down on flash cards and then tape them to my walls. That way I could see and read them every day. And this honestly helped me fight through those horrendous, awful, God-just-kill-me-now sort of days. Eventually I bought three fancy little booklets that I could write all my quotes in. I LOVE this book dearly and read and add things to it EVERY day. 

My booklet is not exclusively for internet quotes. I also document funny sayings from my friends and family or things posted on Facebook. I also like scribbling down beautiful passages from favorite novels. 

I highly recommend this for aspiring writers because I've stolen hilarious quotes from my real life experiences and have added them into my books and it seriously makes a huge difference. It majorly ups the authenticity factor because sometimes you simply can't fabricate these sorts of dialogue. 


Me: Did you know that they use twins for babies in movies?
Dad: Yeah, in case one dies...
Me: What?

Conversation I had with a guy I had a MAJOR crush on last year. He eventually turned out to be a disappointment...
Mr. Lamo: I don't want to get married, but I want to have kids. 
Me: Fine. Become a sperm donor then. Problem solved. 

Or the awesome quote I found on Facebook...

If I had to choose my all-time favorite quote, however, it would have to be, without a doubt, the one by Viktor E. Frankl who said:

So, if you ever need any cheering up just ask me to send you a bunch of inspirational and/or hilarious quotes from my booklet. I've done it before for my friends and it helps (at least I hope and think it does). I know it has always done the trick for me, plus I LOVE to do it! 

So, listen carefully and eavesdrop because often you'll hear some of the funniest things that MUST be documented (Airports are great for this). 

Till I blog again. 



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