Pre-Skydiving Thoughts

By the way...
I am going skydiving this Saturday.
I was supposed to go two years ago, but my 2nd back surgery kind of screwed up those plans (pun definitely intended).
I've desperately wanted to fling myself out of an airplane since I was a little tater tot.
When I was in Switzerland (by myself) I went paragliding, which is kind of like skydiving except instead of jumping out of an airplane you jump off a mountain. Another difference is that there is no free-falling in paragliding.

Here is a link to that adventure:

I also recently made a video of myself (being a dork) talking about the negative responses I've been getting when I tell people that I am going skydiving.
Have faith people!
It could be GREAT book research!
Anyhow, my leap of craziness will be filmed and you will get to experience it for yourself. By the way, my mom is joining me. How cool is that?


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