Rejection Sucks


I wasn't intending to write another blog post today, but I kind of feel like I need to while I'm in this frustrated mood of ickiness.  

So, after Yoga this afternoon I checked my email and got a letter in response to a Query letter I sent out and I got to tell you something...ugh...the thing that sucks and hurts the most about rejection is when you are SO CLOSE to being taken on by an agent, but the only thing stopping them is the market. 

Here is what she wrote: 

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for querying me about your manuscript, SAVIOR. I've read your sample pages, and the project just isn't a perfect fit with my current needs. It's an interesting premise, but with so many shapeshifting novels already in the marketplace, I think we'd be late to market with this, and would have trouble breaking it out in a way that sets you up for future success. 

For that reason, I have to pass on this one. I wish you the best of luck in your search for the right agent and publisher. Keep writing!

Kindest Regards...

Now, I read this on my iPhone in the car right before I drove home and...well...that was a bad idea. I started crying (not going to lie). It's just really frustrating sometimes. There is nothing wrong with crying though, in fact, it feels great. It helps you release that frustrated energy that I'd rather not have while driving. 

Now I want you to take a look at this video...

I took Dr. Oz's advice and screamed the F-word out loud, while I sat in my car. It wasn't directed at anyone or anything, but basically it just took the tension away from my system and you know what? I felt a heck lot better (it even made me giggle a little and laughter is SO important for the body--it heals like no other). Afterwards, I was ready to drive home. 
So, I highly recommend this swearing tip. 

Another thing I recommend when feeling down is cranking up the volume on a good song and sing to it--in my case I have to crank up the volume loud enough to the point where I can't hear myself sing because...well...that'll probably depress me even more. 

On my car ride home from Yoga I listened to this:
This definitely calmed my nerves and made me feel better. 

So, yeah, this is what you will continue seeing on this blog. My ups and down and my journey to getting that dang book published, so I can finally cut my hair. 
Some people think that since I am not getting published I should change my goal, but NOPE! I'm just too stubborn. 

My day will come... eventually. I just got to have faith and so do you with whatever goals you have in life. Don't give up!

These are my thoughts for the night. 
Write to you later! 


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