The Shadow

One of my favorite radio programs is the "Q" on NPR with Jian Ghomeshi. I just recently (like 5 minutes ago) watched an interview he did with Barry Michaels, who co-wrote this book with Phil Stutz, called "The Tools." It talks about creativity and the challenges that come with being a creative person. 

O Magazine did an interview with them and I really liked some of the things they said. Here is the link to that interview:
And here is some of the key points I wanted to grab for you out of that interview: 

  1. "Many people feel the urge to do something creative but can't get themselves started. When they come into our office, they almost all say the same thing: "I know I have the ability. If only I knew exactly what I want to do—paint, write, sculpt—I'd have no trouble getting started." So they wait for that magical idea that will inspire them to begin...but it never seems to come. New ideas don't come to those who wait and think; they come to those who act."
  2. "The answer is that deep down you feel you have to be perfect to win validation. That's impossible. In fact, there's a strange truth about human creativity: The most creative part of you is also the most imperfect. This part of you is called 'the shadow.'"
  3. "A real creative process isn't immediately gratifying. It's frustrating, mysterious and uncertain."
  4. "There's only one antidote: We need to feel the presence of something much bigger than ourselves, something that loves and values us without reservation. Only then can we let go of our inner critic." 
And here is the interview with Jian Ghomeshi.
I really liked the part when Barry talks about "the shadow," which is basically everything about yourself that you are ashamed about. In regards to the creative process he says: If you can't accept your flaws you can't flow because you're trying too hard to hide your flaws and be perfect. 
I REALLY connected to this and want to buy his book now to read the rest. 
Here is the link to purchase it on if you wish:



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