To Cut or Not to Cut?

Oh how I wish I could master this...
Today in Yoga my hair was really annoying me and I think you know why...
It kept getting in my face and tickled underneath my nose. I ended up sneezing all over my Yoga mat. 
Yes, disgusting. I know. I know. I know. 

And it got me thinking... What if I cut my hair now? What if the minute I cut my hair I got an acceptance letter from an literary agent. That would be so ironic! What if this long-hair thing is all just bad luck???? 
Needless to say, these thoughts have been freaking me out!
I know I'm weird and all, but... heck, tell me something I don't know! 
What do you think? To cut or not to cut? That is the million-dollar question of the day! 


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