When I Think At My Creative Best...

When summer vacation hits, I get pretty dang excited for a variety of reasons, but the main one being that I have SO much more time to write.
But here's the peculiar thing that happens... as the days drag on and I have more and more time to write I have more time to think. And one would assume that this is a good thing, but for me it isn't. When I have tons and tons of time to think for some reason... I can't. 

Yep. That's what happens...
Well, that's not entirely true, but what I mean to say is that THE GOOD IDEAS DON'T SPRING UP AS EASILY or at all for that matter. 

Most of the time, to be honest, I just want to watch The Office or Arrested Development.

For me to write well and to write a lot and to continually be excited about the writing process, I need to be SUPER busy. Like college busy. I need to have barely anytime in the day to write. When I have a small amount of time to write that's when I want to write more. That's when I focus on getting something worthwhile written down in the ten minutes I can spare before something else pops up on my schedule. I also get up and out of bed earlier during college, so that I can write for an hour before I need to be ready for school that day. 

During school, there's a lot more brain stimulation going on and I really do think that's what helps me come up with better ideas for my stories (I have four stories swirling around inside that gray matter of mine. 1 has been written, 1 is currently being written, and the other 2 have yet to be composed.). 
Honestly, my best ideas come at the strangest times. At times when I'm not even forcing myself to come up with ideas (ex: washing the dishes, shoveling horse manure, driving my car, etc.), I merely think up of stuff to keep myself from getting too bored.

My question to you is: Do you notice patterns in your creative process similar to this? If so, I'd love to hear them or anything else you care to share.  

Still working on my summer film post. It is a REALLY long post, but I just wanted you to know that I AM working on it, so it will exist one day in the future... 

Have a great day!
Blog to you later. 



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