101 Bits of Happiness

When times are tough, it's important to think of all the little things in life that make you happy. Here is a list I came up with today of  the 101 little things in life that make me happy.
  1. Gas tank in car = Full. 
  2. Toilet paper roll = thick. 
  3. People humming.
  4. When someone smiles at me. 
  5. Not having pain when I go to bed. 
  6. Getting a goodnight's sleep. 
  7. Keeping up a clean room. 
  8. Taking a hot shower. 
  9. Washing my face. 
  10. Brushing my teeth. 
  11. Eating oatmeal with sunflower seeds, honey, and frozen blueberries in the morning. 
  12. Listening to my favorite song on the radio. 
  13. Singing along to my favorite song on the radio. 
  14. Drinking macha green tea with honey and warm soy milk. 
  15. Doing yoga. 
  16. Walking my dog. 
  17. Walking with my pal Erika. 
  18. Going to the movies with my dad and brother.  
  19. Having a yummy home-cooked meal with my family. 
  20. Getting along with my brother. 
  21. Laughing with my brother. 
  22. Reading. 
  23. Scribbling down good passages from books I've read. 
  24. Writing on my novel. 
  25. Editing my novel.  
  26. Blogging. 
  27. Listening to Delaney Plant's CD of French Children's Music. 
  28. Making movies. 
  29. Traveling. 
  30. Trimming my nails. 
  31. Brushing my hair. 
  32. Smelling the blackberry bushes and pine trees. 
  33. Feeding my horses. 
  34. Petting my cat. 
  35. Watching The Office. 
  36. Watching Dexter. 
  37. Watching Arrested Development. 
  38. Swimming. 
  39. Watching Disney movies. 
  40. Jotting down hilarious and/or thoughtful real-life quotes throughout the day. 
  41. Sending a random text-message of kindness: Have a great day today and may the odds be ever in your favor!
  42. Getting psyched out about the Hunger Games films with Laura and Otto. 
  43. Laughing. 
  44. Going to the beach. 
  45. Snowboarding. 
  46. Crepes!
  47. Accomplishing a tough task. 
  48. Driving. 
  49. Hugging. 
  50. Listening. 
  51. Not coughing, sneezing, or hiccuping. Just breathing. 
  52. Not having pimples! 
  53. Every day that I'm not on my period.
  54. Being told that I'm loved. 
  55. Telling someone I love them. 
  56. Wearing my pajamas. 
  57. Journaling. 
  58. Going one day without pain. 
  59. Being told thank you. 
  60. Saying thank you. 
  61. Getting my homework done before 9pm. 
  62. Rocking out in the shower. 
  63. Posting positive things on Facebook. 
  64. Making birthday cards. 
  65. Knowing that someone appreciated my birthday card. 
  66. Eating Chinese food. 
  67. Eating Mexican food. 
  68. Eating in general...
  69. Getting together with my friends. 
  70. Being weird. 
  71. Getting to the bathroom before self-destructing. 
  72. No line in the girls bathroom. 
  73. Having a Goodreads reading goal. 
  74. Drawing cows. 
  75. Drawing dinosaurs. 
  76. Sketching horses. 
  77. Neighing like a horse. 
  78. Skipping. 
  79. Popping my ear. 
  80. Weirding people out by popping my ear. 
  81. Asking someone: How are you?
  82. Wearing clean underwear. 
  83. Looking at pictures of Switzerland. 
  84. Listening to the rain. 
  85. Watching the sunset.
  86. Watching the sunrise. 
  87. Listening to my kitty purrrrrrrrrrrr.
  88. Donating things I don't need to Goodwill. 
  89. Donating blood (after it's done). 
  90. Listening to NPR. 
  91. Listening to Jian Ghomeshi on Q radio. 
  92. Learning something new. 
  93. Drinking lemonade.
  94. Wearing sunglasses. 
  95. Understanding different religions. 
  96. Collecting great quotes from famous people. 
  97. Doing laundry. 
  98. Vacuuming my room. 
  99. Being productive. 
  100. Burying myself into a warm mountain of clean clothes that have just come out of the dryer. 
  101. Listening to the wind chimes. 
Blog to you later!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this! I'm totally going to do this tomorrow!!

  2. You are so amazing! Love your list!!!! :D


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