Getting Pumped for the Day!

Ashley and I at Silver Falls Creek Park
This past weekend I went to Utah and I was only there for a little over 24 hours. My cousin, Ashley, is serving a mission for the Church of Latter-Day Saints in Honolulu, Hawaii and I wanted to say goodbye to her before she left for 18 months. Man on man, am I going to miss her. Whenever something really exciting happens in my life I will call her and we normally end up talking for hours. She's more than a cousin to me; she's my best friend and feels like my sister. Now, I am just going to have to write her a bunch whenever I need to tell her something... like as in letters. Yep, old-schooling it. Hahaha. I'm sad about this, but I'm also really, really excited for her and just know that she is going to have an amazing experience. When I hugged her goodbye I started crying and this surprised me. I, honestly, didn't expect to cry.

Anyhow. That's just an update on my life, what I really wanted to share with you today was this video my cousins Ashley and Jessica showed me.

Here it is:

I think if more people did this every day the world would be a better off place. I know that I am going to do this more. Even when I'm feeling down. ESPECIALLY when I am feeling down. I'm just going to be SUPER obnoxiously happy and list off all the awesome things in my life like this little girl.
You should give it a try too. It's actually kind of fun!

Blog to you later!



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