Just Say Hi

I'll be honest... sometimes I'm rather hesitant about speaking first when meeting someone new. I'll see a person in the hallway at school, waiting on a class just like me, and they've kind of got this poker face going on. When I see that I just assume they don't want to be bothered. So I think: Amanda, don't speak to them. Just let them be.  

But then I try to consciously figure out how my facial expression is composed and most of the time I've either got A.) a poker face or B.) a mean or perturbed sort of mask on. And when I really think about it, I know that I'm really neither of those things in the inside. I want to socialize. I want to be asked how I'm doing today, so maybe this person sitting across the hallway from me does too.

So then I take a deep breath and go for it.

Amanda: How are you doing? (See, I don't understand what the big deal of that question is?)
And EVERY time I happily question that person, they smile, and normally we end up delving into a GREAT conversation.

Because after I've asked how they're doing, I ask what class they're waiting for, and after that I'll ask what they're career plans are and why they're passionate about that particular subject.

I LOVE asking people what they're passionate about and how they developed that passion. I get such interesting stories out of people.

Like the other day I learned that this young woman I sat across from wanted to go into Early Childhood Development because she knew that so much of what happens to your younger-self greatly affects your older-self today. She had an INCREDIBLE story to tell. She was a twin and her twin actually died in the womb. Her mom got a huge blood clot and almost died. She wanted to have her tubes tied, but couldn't since she was not yet 21. This young woman was later abused by her step-dad as a kid and was later put into foster care where she wasn't treated well. At a young age, she helped take care of her younger sister by getting a job during high school so that she could provide her with the nutrition and clothing she wasn't receiving. She almost committed suicide, but her older sister beat her to it. She saw how that affected her entire family and decided against it. She, instead, chose to help other children in need.

I thought this was incredibly brave of her.
I told her that I truly admired her strength.

And guess what?

Had I not asked her the simple question of "How are you today?" I never would have learned this about her.

I think it's important to learn from those around us, to be inspired and to aspire the desire to inspire others, but we can't do this unless we speak up and say one simple word: Hi.

Blog to you later!



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