Stress Relief Factors

After my second back surgery I went through therapy, but like a really, really, really intense therapy program. I saw about five doctors four times a week for six weeks. I had two physical therapists (a pool one and a non-pool one, haha), an occupational therapist, my regular doctor, and this pain management guy who injected bee venom around my back scars twice a week (fun stuff, right?).

But today, I really wanted to talk about my occupational therapist because her lessons come up in my life everyday. She helped me out with stuff like stress management.

Stress is inevitable, it's part of life, but how we manage it makes all the difference to our happiness.

My occupational therapist gave me this list of stress relief factors that might come in handy for you, so I thought I'd just list them here in my blog. I've definitely found them to be beneficial and I hope you do too.

  1. Establish routines when possible. 
  2. Remember that a vacation doesn't always mean relaxation. 
  3. If possible, avoid or minimize other changes during periods of massive change. 
  4. Practice time management and set priorities. 
  5. Avoid overloading situations (learn to say no).
  6. Divide responsibility (among peers, subordinates and significant others).
  7. Reduce the task into easier, more manageable parts. 
  8. Build a social support system. 
  9. Accept the fact that you will fail from time-to-time in the tasks you are working on. 
  10. Plan ahead to avoid potentially stressful situations. 
  11. Find relaxing activities that are not overly complex or competitive. 
  12. Remember that boredom does not equal relaxation. 
  13. Avoid exposure to noise. 
  14. Verbalize your positive qualities--honk your on horn. 
  15. Accept compliments. 
  16. Practice assertiveness--read a book on the subject. 
  17. Practice concentration. 
  18. Learn about stress. 
  19. Listen to your body. It is a reliable warning system. 
  20. Some people may need to learn how to set realistic goals. 
  21. Find a new hobby or interest that is totally different from your present lifestyle. 
  22. Exercise--best safety valve and reduces depression. 
  23. Make a daily program to improve health. 
  24. Plan for pleasant events on your monthly calendar. 
  25. Take your time when you get up. Avoid rushing around. Try to get some quiet time for yourself
  26. Practice different relaxation techniques and use them. 
  27. Find out what time of the day you are most alert. 

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  1. Love this! This will be very useful! :)

  2. Good! I'm glad this will be useful to you. That makes me happy! :)


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