Child Birthing

Yes, this is pregnant Bella Swan.
Hello, it's me again.
False: This is not strange.

But let me tell you something: This post is certainly going to be strange.

That was a lot of strangeness to begin with.

Ok, moving on. So... if you know me well, you know that I am A.) blunt and B.) quite curious. Sometimes this annoys people because they can't deal with the TMI-ness that I often bring to the conversation. My mom is quite blunt, so sometimes I don't realize that my questions are weird.

Ok, moving on to the next part. Sometimes I think that I should be a reporter because I like asking questions and because I am very interested in lots of different topics and I thoroughly enjoy hearing what people are passionate about. And other times I think I should be a therapist because when I am at school people I've hardly known (like literally, a person I've known for like 5 minutes) will start telling me their life story. They'll tell me super traumatic things that people normally don't bring up. They even say: "I normally don't talk about this."

Which leads to this next part...

For some reason, I can get really gruesome stories out of mothers about their child birthing experience. And let me tell you something, I've learned a lot and I am rather frightened to get pregnant now. (Not like that's going to happen super soon though.) Haha. Here's what I've learned so far:

  1. Um... it hurts. (Duh.)
  2. You can poop yourself while giving birth. 
  3. Sometimes the babies can get bruised during the process. (Never even considered this.)
  4. Some women will tear their skin around the vagina. (Owe!)
  5. Some women get an episiotomy, which is a surgical cut at the opening of the vagina during child-birthing to prevent tearing. (Again... OUCH!)
  6. Babies born vaginally have stronger immune systems then babies removed via C-section because they get some bacteria from their mommy's vagina as they are squeezed out. 
  7. It still hurts a week later. 
  8. Your belly is still shrinking back to it's regular size so sometimes when you are driving your belly flab will jiggle. (This made me giggle. Bam! Rhyme.)
Bet you had to think about this one, didn't you? 
Yes, I know this is a very unusual post, but... whatever. I think this is fascinating stuff. And I think people like talking about the pain they went through. I hate when people think certain topics like child-birthing are taboo. (It's mostly the men who tell me TMI, which I find humorous.) They shouldn't be. They are real life events. 
I think, deep down, people want their stories to be heard, so if you have the stomach like I do... listen. 

But seriously... child birth is terrifying! 



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