Champion Screening

LOVE them!
Greetings Earthling!
I'm about to tell you what happened this week... (wait for it)... because I can.

Monday: I had my math and poetry final.
Tuesday: No school. (I mainly just studied for bio and watched Dexter all day.)

  • I had my biology final and then I sold back my textbooks to Chemeketa and got: $177.75. 
  • I also went to the Killers concert that night with my brother and dad. Tegan and Sara and M83 were the warm-up bands and they were all spectacular! 


  • Not much really happened that day. I mainly just packed for the weekend and mucked out stalls. 
  • Also, my dad bought The Dark Knight Rises, so my brother and I watched the behind the scenes extras because we LOVE watching that sort of awesomeness. 


Yummy! :)
  • Woke up at 2:50am.   
  • 3:05am took a shower. 
  • 3:30am drove to the airport. 
  • 5:15-ish got through security. Bought myself a soy hot chocolate and a delicious maple bar. 
  • 6:00am tried to make the flight, but there were only 2 seats open and we needed 3. 
  • 6:40am went to Powell's bookstore and stared at their lovely socks and books. 
  • 10:00am made it on the flight to Salt Lake City.  
  • Don't really remember the times at this point, but we got to SLC and I got a super yummy chicken taco salad at Cafe Rio. 
  • Later we got on a flight from SLC to the Houston-Bush airport. 
  • But before we could take off we had to kick this drunk guy off the plane because well A.) he was drunk and B.) he was punching the seat in front of him. 
  • Landed in Houston. 
  • Got a Jamba Juice. Flavor: Caribbean Passion.  
  • Flew from Houston-Bush to San Antonio (take off to landing it was about a 45 minute flight)
  • Rented a car that smelled like boxed salmon, specifically a box of ROTTON salmon. 
  • Went to eat at Logan's Roadhouse. 
  • Went to the Sleep Inn where my dad, bro, and I immediately went to sleep. 
My been-up-since-2am face. 
  • Woke up at 11:20am. 
  • 12:00pm: Went to the screening of the movie I worked on over this past summer called "Champion." It was SO awesome to see the whole thing put together as a whole. It was also super awesome to see my name in the credits!
  • Went to Target to get some medicine because someone at the airport got me sick. 
  • Went out to dinner at the HuHot Mongolian Grill with Steve Julotai, my dad, Delaney Plant, and my brother.  
  • Then I went back to the hotel to go to sleep because I was feeling really crappy (felt like there were razorblades in my throat), while everyone else went out to go see the film Lincoln
  • Woke up at 3:30am. 
  • Turned in rented car. 
  • Got through security. 
  • Got on plane to Salt Lake City from San Antonio. 
  • It snowed in Salt Lake this time! It was a winter wonderland. 
  • Then Drew and I went on a plane to Portland while Dad went on a plane to St. George, Utah. 
  • It took an hour until we could take off though because they had to get the snow off of several planes. I fell asleep and woke up, thinking we landed in Portland, but... this was not the case. 
  • Watched The Hunger Games on my iPod during the flight. 
  • Made it to Portland. 
  • Drew drove us home. 
  • Now, I am home, writing this all down for you, drinking hot peppermint tea with honey in it, trying to get better. I hate being sick. 
I am so glad to be done with Fall term... also, I am done with Community College. I have my AAOT degree and am moving on to bigger, better things in life, aka: Portland State University. I will be living up there in a dorm Winter Term. I am VERY excited about this!!! 
Even though it was quite tiring and even though I got sick, I am extremely glad that I made the trip out with my brother and dad down to San Antonio, Texas to see my friends and to see a cut of the film I had the pleasure of working on this summer. I loved hearing from one of the screen writer's, Richard Scott, talk about what it was like watching the film that he helped co-write. He said it's an surreal experience to see your words brought to life. Someday, I want to experience that surreal awesomeness too! 

Well, that's about it. My goal this Winter Break is writing (at least) two blogposts a week and 1,600 words on my newest novel a day starting tomorrow. I will let you know how that goes. Also, I will be sending more query letters out to literary agents. 

Blog to you later. 


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