Christmas 2012

My Christmas is different from most people's.

Why? You may ask.

Well, my parents fly for a living (My mom is a flight attendant for a family who owns their own private aircraft, my step-dad is a pilot for Delta, and my dad is a dispatcher for SkyWest) and a lot of the time they have to fly during Christmas break. And that often sucks. So we normally have our family Christmas early, like on the 17th. And it was really nice.

This year I went down to Southern California to visit my relatives for Christmas and I had a great time. I went to IN-N-OUT with my Aunt Lenette and younger cousins Ben (11) and Nikki (9). I got a DOUBLE DOUBLE without onions and tomatoes; it was heavenly! We also went out to Ruby's and my brother and I got super delicious rootbeer floats. It was a lot of fun.

My Nana was in the ICU, so we all went to visit her everyday. She is out now and is doing much better.

I also got to drive 85mph on the freeway! So that was fun. :)

For Christmas, my Aunt Colleen got me the coolest shirt ever. I've wanted it for a while. She knew I wanted it because I posted it on Facebook one day. Here it is...

Amazing, right? I'm wearing it right this second! 

For Christmas my cousins got JUST DANCE 4, which we played for 6 hours straight. Oh my gosh, I got quite the work out. It literally hurt to walk for the next three days. I never once hurt that bad in all my years doing track, volleyball, softball, or horseback-riding. There were four of us dancing and sometimes we crashed into each other. My favorite dance was Barry White's "You're My First My Last My Everything" and I found out that I can play JUST DANCE without having a Wii. Thank you YouTube!

On Christmas, my Uncle Randy, Drew, cousin Melissa (15), and I went to Balboa Island to look at the Christmas lights. It was fun. It's becoming a tradition now.

At the end of our trip my uncle and aunt introduced Drew and I to their friend who is a film editor. He edited the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Last Stand and we watched about an hour of it. It was one of the rough, rough versions of it, which was really cool. It was so rough that there were still wires on some of the guys and green screens in the background. He also gave me the script to the film and based on the color of the pages, I can tell how many times it has been rewritten. It was VERY cool meeting him. He said the next time we come down, he can show us the editing room at Universal Studios.

I wanted to leave you with some funny quotes during this trip. 

Aunt Lenette: Hey Ben, want a smoothie?
Ben: (very entusiastic) YES!
Aunt Lenette: Great! Amanda made us her special smoothie.
Ben: (very dejected) Oh, no, um, it's ok... I'm full.
Aunt Lenette: Um... rude! 

Uncle Randy: You can just wave your hand around. You don't actually have to dance.

Ben: The oldest gets to roll first. (Ben hands the dice to Drew. Drew laughs at me.)

Nikki: (Everyday she sung) Don't stop, don't stop the beat, don't stop.

I hope you all had a fantastic winter break and have a happy New Year!

Blog to you later!


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