101 Bits of Scariness

A couple blog posts ago, I wrote a list of the 101 things that contribute to my happiness, so today since I am sick and am in bed with nothing much to do, I thought I would write a list containing the 101 things that scare the crap out of me. This is in no particular order by the way.

  1. Catheters. 
  2. Voldemort. 
  3. Clowns. 
  4. The Trinity Killer from Dexter. 
  5. Being a tribute in The Hunger Games
  6. Constipation. 
  7. Being in a cruise ship and having that cruise ship flip over.  
  8. My throat swelling up to the point where I can't breathe. 
  9. Airplane crash. 
  10. Car crash. 
  11. Train wreck. 
  12. Shark attack. 
  13. Losing a member of my family. 
  14. A screw in my back cracking in half again. 
  15. A third back surgery. 
  16. Child birthing. 
  17. Tampons. 
  18. Brazilian peppers that cause one to have diarrhea, vomit, and bleed from the nose all at once. 
  19. Ferbies. 
  20. Nails scratching on a chalkboard. 
  21. Not graduating college. 
  22. Not making any money. 
  23. Living in a cardboard box.
  24. Getting cancer. 
  25. Getting abducted. 
  26. Getting raped. 
  27. Glitter. 
  28. Raw onions. 
  29. Corn syrup. 
  30. A stinky bathroom. 
  31. Bedbugs. 
  32. Norman Bates. 
  33. Braces. 
  34. Rolling Veins. 
  35. Nurses who don't listen to you. 
  36. Wedgies. 
  37. Hang nails. 
  38. School shooting or any type of shooting. 
  39. Long/high bridges. 
  40. Swimming in dark/deep water. 
  41. Bed sheets. 
  42. Acne. 
  43. Losing my memory. 
  44. Never getting my book published. 
  45. Never getting married. 
  46. Being robbed. 
  47. Creepy elevators. 
  48. Becoming obese. 
  49. Small places with lots of people. 
  50. Not being able to travel. 
  51. Becoming a paraplegic or quadriplegic. 
  52. Losing the ability to read. 
  53. McDonalds.
  54. Walmart. 
  55. Mushrooms. 
  56. Dying before the rest of the Hunger Games movies come out. 
  57. Dying young. 
  58. Pap smears. 
  59. War.
  60. Kids suffering. 
  61. Anyone suffering. 
  62. Little dogs with big eyes. 
  63. Birds who try to bite me. 
  64. Zombies. 
  65. Kristen Stewart. 
  66. The word "frigid."
  67. Accidentally locking myself in a bathroom. 
  68. Passing out.
  69. When I sleepwalk. 
  70. Periods. 
  71. Guns. 
  72. Choking. 
  73. Oysters. 
  74. Thanksgiving stuffing. 
  75. Angela from The Office. 
  76. Being sick. 
  77. Other people's underwear. 
  78. Not being smart enough. 
  79. Not being creative enough. 
  80. Cleaning out own my belly button. 
  81. Eating chicken feet. 
  82. Fifty Shades of Gray. 
  83. Die-hard Twilight fans. 
  84. Trunchbull from the 1996 movie Matilda. 
  85. Thongs. 
  86. The Bystander Effect. 
  87. Jaws. 
  88. The Poltergeist. 
  89. Cornfields. 
  90. Gollum. 
  91. Death Eaters. 
  92. Darth Sidious/ Palpatine. 
  93. Professor Dolores Jane Umbridge.
  94. The Basilisk from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  95. Close-minded people. 
  96. Skunks. 
  97. Suicidal squirrels. 
  98. Gopher holes. 
  99. Not saving an important document. 
  100. Armpit stains. 
  101. Mold. 
This was WAY harder to come up with than the happiness list. Try it if you want. 

Blog to you later. 


    Oh my gosh. I loved this. I was cringing with you but also laughing out loud!
    Totes going to do this.

    (P.S. Loved all the fictional characters that scare you.)


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