Question: If you could choose any super power what would you choose?

Answer: This is a great question and I've changed my answer for it several times. In the beginning I thought it'd be pretty awesome to be invisible, but then I was like: Wait a minute, if I'm invisible I'm more likely to see things that I really don't want to see or hear for that matter. Next I thought it would be very useful to be a mind-reader, but then I eventually realized that with all those voices swirling around my brain I'd inevitably get a major headache and also oblivion is bliss, right? Later, I thought I had changed my mind for the last time, and decided on flying, but then I felt that if I was going to get a superpower I might as well get one that will benefit other people.

Here are my current two best options: 

  1. Like Bobby Pendragon, I have the power to understand and speak any language in the entire universe. 
  2. Like John Coffey from The Green Mile, I have the ability to take pain away from those in suffering. 
John Coffey. 

Bobby Pendragon. :) 

Blog to you later!


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