Writing Update

So, over winter break, I made this goal to do at least 2 blog posts a week and write 1,600 words a day on my newest novel and... the goal isn't exactly going to plan so far.
Good news is that I have written about 2 blog posts every day.
Bad news is that I haven't written a single word on my second novel.
Shame. (I know.)

I was really sick this past week and I've noticed that when I am sick I get kind of grumpy and sometimes grumpiness and novel writing don't pan out very well. I normally start thinking like this:

  1. Ick, I don't feel good. 
  2. I have so much to write. 
  3. This story sucks. 
  4. Crap. Crap. Crap. 
  5. All of the characters will die, so I can just be done with this stupid story! 
Yeah, that's not a good mind-set to have when writing a book. 

However, blog posts are easy because they are short, simple, and different every time. At least, I am getting some writing in, but seriously... I need to get working on that novel.

I sent about 17 query letters out to literary agents a couple days ago for my first novel and have gotten like 3 or 4 rejections back. I've learned that if agents respond really quickly it is generally a rejection letter. Cross your fingers folks! Because one of these days I can stop using these rejections letters as wall paper and finally get a YES! 

Also, I am writing two more short stories for the Chicken Soup for the Soul people. Hopefully, they will publish my work again because that would be stellar! 

Blog to you later!


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