Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 New Year's Resolution

Happy 2014 Everyone!

Here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2014:

  1. Volunteer at least once a month. 
  2. Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from PSU by the end of 2014. 
  3. Write 2 blog posts a month. 
  4. Complete Novel #2. 
  5. Send query letters out to literary agents once a month for Novel #1.  
  6. Write a letter to someone who inspires me once a month. 
  7. Treat myself nicer. (Stop comparing myself to others. Stop freaking about the future as much. It's going to be ok Amanda. You will not live in a cardboard box.) 
  8. Take care myself, especially my back. Keep up with Yoga & Water Aerobics. Walk more, sit less. Eat healthier. Drink lots of water daily. 
  9. Read at least 20 books. 
  10. Take a self-defense class. 
  11. Secure an internship for 2015.
  12. At the end of the night write 5 things that went well that day.  
A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook: Things to remember going into the new year: "Have hope, be strong, laugh loud, play hard, live in the moment, smile often, dream big, remember you are loved, and never give up." BRING IT ON 2014!

Good luck everyone!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My Relationship with DEXTER


So, since DEXTER ended this year I thought I'd write a post on my relationship with this bloody good TV show.

(Warning: This post will contain SPOILERS.) 

Ok, so in order for me to tell this story we have to take a trip back 2 years ago in 2011, back when I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy.
Actually--I just lied--we're gonna go back a little further than that. More like 2010.

So here's the thing, before I went to Italy my brother told me I had to watch DEXTER.

Drew: You have to watch DEXTER.
Me: What's it about?
Drew: A serial killer who kills serial killers.
Me: Um... No.
Drew: But it's sooooo good!
Me: No.
Drew: Just watch the first episode.

And so this is what I did.
The first episode starts off with Dexter's narration as he drives. He says: Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen, again and again. It has to happen. Nice night. Miami is a great town. I love the Cuban food. Pork sandwiches. My favorite. But tonight I'm hungry for something different now.
And I absolutely loved this part. It was eerie and poetic and totally set the mood. Also the score is perfect!
Next there was this choir dude with a bunch of young school boys singing and then afterwards Dexter snatched up this guy and jabbed him in the neck with a needle. He like tranquilized him. At this point, I turned Netflix off because YUCK!
No thanks.
So, yeah, I only lasted like 5 minutes because I'm someone who has a strong background in watching Disney movies and the majority of my rated R movie experiences were only rated R due to the language aspect not so much the graphic aspect. I watched stuff like 1.) Juno 2.) Little Miss Sunshine and 3.) Slumdog Millionaire. 

Not anything remotely close to the glorification of murder.
But, I must admit that the premise still captured my attention.
I still thought about possibly returning to Dexter at some point in my life.
Just not soon. Haha.

Later when I went to Italy the friends I made there told me how good DEXTER was, so I became intrigued again and decided to give it another shot. I promised myself that I would sit through the entire first episode and then decide whether or not I wanted to continue.

Well, this time was entirely different! By the time it came to the end where Dexter looks in his freezer and there is like this little Barbie doll all cut up into pieces I was like: Holy crap! The Ice Truck killer is still out there! 
Then I watched the rest of the season like I drink chocolate soy milk...
I basically DOWNED it!!!

And then I just had to watch the 2nd Season.

  1. HATED Lila and hated that Dexter ditched Rita for her. 
  2. Like that he went to that drug rehab thing. That was cool.  
  3. And that Doakes was on Dexter's tail until BAM
  4. Glad he went back to Rita. 

3rd Season:

  1. Glad Dexter had a friend who knew what he did. 
  2. Rita is pregnant.
  3. Miguel gets a little crazy. 
  4. Kills off Miguel. 
  5. Proposes to Rita. 
  6. Not gonna lie: Kind of a boring season. 
4th Season: 
  1. Holy Crap!
  2. Trinity Killer. 
  3. John Lithgow is horrifying!
  4. Dexter is so sweet with little Harrison. 
  5. Rita... NOOOOOOOOOOO! (Unfortunately, I was spoiled about this.)
The rest of the seasons were ok, but they seemed a bit redundant. Some thoughts: 
  1. Yeah, he has Lumen to love and she knows about him. How great!
  2. Ok, never mind. She's gone. That sucks. 
  3. Poor Aster and Cody. 
  4. Debra and Quinn. :)
  5. He proposes to her and she isn't having it. GAH! Why???
  6. She likes Dexter??? Ewe!!! I mean, they're not related though. 
  7. Poor Joey. 
  8. Colin Hanks!!! 
  9. ... is actually the bad guy!!! Ahhh!!!
  10. Debra saw!!!
  11. Debra is trying to fix him. Understandable. 
  12. LaGuerta is catching on. Uh-oh. 
  13. Bam! Deb shoots her. 
  14. Hannah. Another serial killer. Maybe they'd be a good pair. 
  15. Has to send her away. Police nab her. She looks pissed. 
  16. Not sure if I really liked her anyway. 
  17. Deb is crazy now!!! Understandable. 
  18. Dr. Vogel was super cool. 
  19. Deb tries to kill Dexter. What???
  20. They figure things out. Friends again. 
  21. The Brain Surgeon. Super interesting. 
  22. Deb and Dex are friends again. 
  23. Hannah is back. 
  24. Argentina? What?
  25. Elway is after Hannah and Dexter and kind of had a thing for Deb. Why does everyone have a thing for Deb???
  26. Vogel's throat gets slit!!! Awful!!! By her own son. 
  27. My friend Dora from the Texas film I worked on called My Dog the Champion played Vince Masuka's daughter, which I thought was totally random to the storyline. 
  28. Then that ending...
  30. Deb deserved a better death! I didn't want her to die! 
  31. Dexter becomes a LUMBERJACK?!?!?!
  32. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. 
Here's what I expected from the ending:
I wanted Dexter to get caught. I wanted there to be some major consequences. That series finale was pathetic! Now that I am watching the last season Breaking Bad I am even more furious about it! It could have been SO much better! I don't know what happened. I feel like the writers just gave up. 

Here is a video that basically sums up my thoughts about this series. 
I love Jeremy. He's awesome! 

Well, that being said I really, really enjoyed the journey I took with Dexter. I never knew I could fall in love with a serial killer. Like that takes a lot of talent to make a show like that! Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were absolutely amazing. And I honestly miss hearing Dexter's narration in my life. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes: 
  1. Voice over: "Darling Rita, once you were a dream and a prayer. Now our future is as bright as the sun glinting off the morning dew. And I vow that I will..." Sounds like I'm marrying a unicorn. 
  2. Voice Over: If home is where the heart is, where do you go when you don't have a heart?
  3. Voice Over: In the land of predators, the lion never fears the jackal. 
  4. Voice Over: A wolf would chew off its own paw, its survival instinct is that fierce. So is mine. 
In conclusion: I'm glad I gave Dexter a chance and I think you should too, but like it's ok if you just watch the first 4 seasons... ;)

Blog to you later!

Automatic Flushing & Why I Hate It


So after not blogging for a while this post may seem totally random, but I've actually been thinking about it basically every time I use a public bathroom. (Yeah, TMI, but I suppose you should expect this from me now.)

I just need to vent right here and now about how much I absolutely loathe toilets with automatic flushers. Does anyone out there actually like them? I mean it's nice not to have to grab that nasty metallic handle, but I mean you're going to wash your hands right afterwards any how. Also, you can just use your foot to flush it if you are agile enough and rather not touch the handle with your bare hands.

Here are some reasons why I don't like automatic flushers:

  1. Sometimes they flush while I'm still going... 
  2. And some of them are quite powerful, so they splash me. Gross. 
  3. Sometimes I go into a stall at the airport & the toilet will flush even though I am not using it. The sensor just goes off because I am standing there changing into a pair of different clothes. 
  4. It wastes water.
  5. It's just annoying.  
So there is my little rant on automatic flushing for toilets. What are your thoughts?

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Friday, November 8, 2013

Brother and Roommate


I just wanted to post this awesome video that my brother made with his roommate Connor. They are both SO FREAKING talented! I know they will go far in life. Connor writes and sings Rap music and my brother is an awesome director, cinematographer, and editor. They are both just brilliant! And they're only freshmen at Montana State University.This video looks professional. Anyhow... can't say enough about them. Have a look!

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Germany Day 3: The Valley of HELL & Lakes w/Strange Names


So, the sad thing about not bringing my laptop with me to Germany or even a notebook for that matter is that by the time I start writing a blogpost about it I've already forgotten most of the details due to the amount of time that's passed. Sorry about that. However, that doesn't mean that I've forgotten everything.

So, this is how Day 3 went down:

  1. Woke up. 
  2. Took a shower. 
  3. BTW: In case I haven't mentioned this already... Uta's shower is flippin' amazing!!! 
  4. Actually...
  5. Her entire house is flippin' amazing.                                                                                                  
  6. Why? You may ask. 
  7. Well, Uta is kind of like a big deal German Interior Designer. 
  8. She designs the insides of Hotels, Restaurants, People's Houses, etc. 
  9. I'm always so at peace at her house. 
  10. Why? You may ask yet again. 
  11. Because A.) Uta makes marvelous tea from her own garden B.) there's a bunch of happy-looking Buddhas Namaste-ing around the house C.) she has 3 super cute, loving kitties D.) she plays soul-lifting music and... honestly I could give you the whole alphabet here. 
  12. So, yes, I took a shower. 
  13. Then we ate breakfast. 
  14. Same thing as the previous day. 
  15. Toast w/blackberry-apple jam & toast w/salami. 
  16. Then we went for a drive w/Lena (remember, Uta's dog) sitting in the back seat.             
  17. It was a long drive.                                                                                                                          
  18. On the freeway we passed under these bridges that had grass, bushes, and trees on them. This is so that animals can cross safely over the road without getting hit. France came up with this idea first. Amazing, right? We need to do this in the USA.                                                                     
  19. We passed through this area called "The Valley of Hell" because apparently there were a lot of gangsters in this area at one point in time as told by Uta. Despite the name it was a very pretty area with lots of tall green trees. It was also very foggy/raining at the time, so it was sort of mystical. 
  20. Also there was this statue of a reindeer on a cliff, so yeah, that was cool too.                                 
  21. On the way to our destination, Uta stopped the car in a parking lot overlooking this lake called Titisee. I started laughing because I thought I heard her wrong, but not the case. Titisee. Uta glanced at me like Why are you laughing? For a second, I contemplated on whether or not I should explain to her what "titty" meant in English, but I decided against it.                                                         
  22. I felt rather immature.                                                                                                                     
  23. Actually, this immature feeling of mine happens quite frequently to me while listening to Germans speak. 
  24. So, "see" means "lake" in German. Germans attach the "see" part to the end of the name of the lake. Hence, Titisee.                                                                                                                      
  25. We didn't stay very long. Just long enough for Uta to go the bathroom & for me to take a picture.  
  26. Then we got back in the car & drove to this village. 
  27. I forgot the village's name, but it was on this lake. 
  28. A different lake.
  29. A HUGE lake. 
  30. This lake, according to the pamphlet I brought back home is called, Lake Constance.  
  31. It looked like the San Francisco bay.                                                                                               
  32. Anyways, before that, I'd just like to mention that it took us forever to get a parking space. 
  33. Once we did, Uta & I stepped out of the car & opened the trunk to eat a snack. We cut up these pretzels & shoved salami in them, making salami pretzel sandwiches. They were really good. We also drank some hot tea to keep warm because it was really chilly & raining. I was rockin' the yellow raincoat in an attempt to keep dry.                                                                                       
  34. Afterwards, we went walking through the village & then had lunch at this hotel.        
  35. We sat outside, by the lake & basically people-watched & talked about Mormons.                        
  36. I had a hot chocolate & ravioli soup. It was really good. I was expecting the ravioli to be like American ravioli where the meat is stuff into a noodle, but it was meat & noodles.                          
  37. Afterwards, we walked up this super, duper steep hill with like a billion stairs & snails. 
  38. Gag reflexes kicked in because I ate a lot of snails on the first day in Germany.                              
  39. We got back into the car & then drove to the other side of the lake. 
  40. On the other side of the lake stood these houses on stilts that were recreated from the Stone & Bronze Age.                                                  
  41. I went into a museum & watched a video about the sight before I went outside & explored these really cool houses. 
  42. However, this video was in German & Uta couldn't stay with me & translate because she had Lena (remember, her dog). So, everything went over my head. 
  43. Actually, all the German gave me a really bad headache.                                                            
  44. Like on the side of my head. 
  45. Which was odd...
  46. Because I don't normally get headaches in that particular region of my head.
  47. So, then that got me thinking. 
  48. Which I do a lot BTW...
  49. And I realized that the part of my brain that hurt was the Temporal Lobes. 
  50. What are the Temporal Lobes? You may ask. 
  51. Good question!
  52. They are the part of the brain that is underneath the temples & behind the eyes & are associated with memory, receptive language, temper control, & mood stability.
  53. Yep. And that's why I was having a massive headache. 
  54. Because I couldn't understand German & my brain was like: This does not compute. This does not compute. This does not compute. 
  55. BTW: If brain stuff like this fascinates you as much as it excites me you should read Dr. Daniel Amen's book MAKING A GOOD BRAIN GREAT.  
  56. Ok, so anyways, I think the last thing I want to say about these houses on stilts on the lake is that they were really warm inside and I really liked that. Hahaha. 
  57. Afterwards, Uta and I got a cake. And it was delicious.                                                                   
  58. Later that night Uta and I watched a murder mystery show in German & once it was done I tried explaining DEXTER to her--he's a serial killer who kills serial killers.                                          
  59. She made delicious spaghetti and home made tomato sauce and I was pretty much in heaven. 
  60. Also at this time, I began reading THE GLASS CASTLE, which is now one of my all-time favorite books. 
Ok, that's it for Day 3. Sorry it took forever to post! I'm back in school and keeping super busy! 

Blog to you later!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Germany Day 2: Black Forest, Sausages, Goats, & Ice Cream


(Side note: I'm feeling better today. Have a slight fever, though, & a mountain of goop in my chest. Drinking lots of hot tea & Emergen-C packets. Just glad I'm not sneezing as much anymore.)

Alrighty. Let's get started here. Day 2 of Germany went down like this:

  1. I wanted to sleep in forever. 
  2. Ended up waking up at 10AM. 
  3. Well, actually Uta woke me up. 
  4. I looked like hell. There were huge bags under my eyes & my hair looked electrocuted. I basically looked like Penny from this episode of The Big Bang Theory...                                                                               
  5. In fact, Uta's friend (the one who only speaks German) laughed at me as I sat down to the table. 
  6. Interesting fact I learned: Back when Germany was separated by the Berlin wall children on the West had to learn English & children on the East had to learn Russian. Can you guess what side Uta lived on?
  7. The three of us ate breakfast.  
  8. Which was really good! I had toast with a blackberry/apple jam that one of Uta's friends made for her. I also had some salami on toast, which was also YUMMY!  
  9. Whenever Uta left the room her only-German-speaking friend & I would just sit there awkwardly, occasionally trying to make conversation by pointing at things & smiling. Like I'd point at one of Uta's cats, smile, poke my chest with my index finger, & then show three fingers. Meaning: I have three cats. 
  10. Then I showered. 
  11. And thankfully didn't look like hell anymore. 
  12. After that, I read for like an hour & a half of "Prodigy" (Read like 100 pages), while Uta & her friend downloaded & edited pictures from a trip they recently took.                                               
  13. Then the three of us & Uta's dog Lena drove up into the Black Forest for lunch. 
  14. We passed by a funny looking car on the way up (the video goes by ridiculously fast).                                                                            
  15. I love the Black Forrest. It is SO pretty!
  16. And I don't know about you, but for me, whenever I'm near a forest I feel at peace, so yeah, that was obviously nice.  
  17. We ate at this restaurant that looked more like a Swiss house.                                                            
  18. I had a really yummy meal: salad, sausages, & fried potatoes. Couldn't get better than that!                                                                                                     
  19. Uta asked if I would like some wine, but I politely declined. 
  20. I think the Wine Festival was enough for a lifetime for me. 
  21. Actually the thought of sipping wine ever again made me feel like this...                                     
  22. Afterwards, we looked at this barn that was near the restaurant.
  23. And there were like a million geese. 
  24. And they were SO loud!
  25. It was funny because Uta said: They'll all be gone by the end of November. 
  26. And then I busted up laughing super hard.                                                                                       
  27. Then we went hiking & it was gorgeous. I'll post pics.                                                                     
  28. It started to thunder & Lena was getting scared, so Uta took her back to the car (which was a ways back) while her only-German-speaking-but-knows-Russian friend & I walked down the hill to a tiny ice cream shop.                                                                                                             
  29. While waiting for Uta to drive back I watched these 3 kids feed goats, finding it hilarious when the kids erupted into giggle fits each time one of the goats nibbled from their hands. They started pulling up nearby grass & tried to feed the dirt/roots part to the goats. I went over to them & showed them that the goats like the top part best.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  30. Then Uta came & we ate some ice cream. 
  31. We each got 3 scoops on a waffle cone. Not gigantic scoops, but rather PERFECTLY portioned scoops. 
  32. From top to bottom I got A.) Hazelnut B.) Chocolate & C.) Espresso.                                            
  33. The most magical thing about that pairing is that when I licked the hazelnut & chocolate at the same time it tasted like Nutella.                                                                                                    
  34. It was SUPER delicious! 
  35. Then we drove back home. 
All in all, it was a fabulous day. I really enjoyed myself. 

Blog to you later!