Thursday, January 31, 2013

Favorite Color

Question of the Day: What is your favorite color?

Answer: For the longest time I've said blue, but lately I've noticed myself purchasing more and more purple things. But then when it comes to shirts and sweaters, I love that simple light gray color. I basically love all colors, but I've definitely noticed that I like blue, purple, and gray things the best. That's probably why I get so many mysterious sleepwalking bruises on my legs.

How about you?
What is your favorite color?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Makes Me Laugh

When I'm feeling down this picture often makes me laugh and then I feel better.

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Circus Performer

Question of the Day: If you performed at the circus what would your act be?

Answer: I'd do two things.

  1. I'd just pop my ear for people. 
  2. And I'd be one of those freaks people could stare at and my name would be: Girl Who Breaks Titanium Screws in Half With Spine. 
What about you?
If you performed at the circus what would your act be? 

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Favorite Quote

Question of the Day: What is your favorite quote?

Answer: This is a tough question because I have a gazillion favorite quotes, but here is how I know this one is definitely my favorite because if I were ever into tattoos, I would have it tattooed onto my body, that's how much I love it.

What is to give light must endure burning. ~Viktor Frankl 

How about you?
What is your favorite quote?

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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Pen & Scrap of Paper

Question of the Day: What can you always be found with?

Answer: A pen and scrap of paper (whether it's a notebook or grocery store receipt) to write ideas on or awesome quotations.

How about you?
What can you always be found with?

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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Under or Over?

Question of the Day: What's better? Toilet paper over the top or under?

Answer: Over the top. It's easier to grab and tear off.

How about you?
Over the top or under?

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Outside our dorm room is our room number (duh), which is on this cool shiny board thingy that I can draw on and draw on I most certainly do...

The only scene missing in this photo is Tom Hanks and Wilson.
Harry Potter. Charley the Unicorn. Hunger Games. Twilight. 

Drawing makes me so happy!

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

She's YOUR Daughter

Question of the Day: What is your favorite line your parents used?

Answer: All three of my parents--Mom, Dad, and Stepdad--frequently told each other, "She's your daughter!"normally while shaking their heads.

How about you?
What is your favorite line your parents used?

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Friday, January 25, 2013

1,727 Words

Hello there!

I just wanted to briefly give you a writing update before I leave to devour a Chocolate Heath Bar Blizzard. Today I wrote 1,727 words on Novel #2. My goal was to write 1,600 words and I not only reached it, but succeeded it, so YAY! 

Writing a book is very tough on its own, but can be especially tough when you are in college. I only write on it during the weekends and most of the time I am so burnt out from school that I really, really don't want to work on it because it can often feel like homework--fun homework--but homework nonetheless.
But, still, I force myself.

This weekend, I came home from college and sat in the cool quiet awesomeness of my room and wrote. It was very tough to get started, but once I forced myself, the words started flowing quite nicely and soon I was writing more words than my original goal. I am proud of the chunk I accomplished this week.

If you're an aspiring author. Write. And write like it's your job. Set some time aside every week and have a goal of how much you will write.
It's hard work, but it's totally worth it.

Blog to you later!


Question of the Day: What is something about you that not many people know?

Answer: I love listening to people hum. It's the one thing that oddly calms me down like nothing else. I find that when people hum they are generally happy and that happiness seems to seep through me and in turn makes me happy as well. My muscles relax and I am suddenly at peace.

How about you?
What is something about you that not many people know?

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Dwarf Name.

Question of the Day: If you were the 8th dwarf, what would your name be?

Answer: Random.

How about you?
What would your name be?

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blood Donation Fail: Pulse Too High

Here is a video in which I tell you about my failure to donate blood...

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Famous People I've Met.

Question of the day: What famous person have you known or met personally?


  1. Rode at the same barn as Joe Montana's daughters. Met him at a barn party, had NO idea who he was until my step-dad freaked out. He helped scoop macaroni and cheese onto my plate. I was like 8. 
  2. I worked on a film last summer with Lance Henriksen, Cody Linley, and Dora Madison Burge. 
  3. I met Christopher Lloyd in the airport in Washington D.C. at Obama's 1st Inauguration. I said, "You look familiar," while we were in line and then he whispered to me, "Great Scott!" and I was like: Oooooooh. Nice to meet you. 
  4. I met Suzanne Collins at a book signing. 

That's all I know.
How about you?

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poolside or Beach?

Question of the Day: Poolside or Beach?

Answer: Beach. Because of the waves, the sand, the wind, the birds, and basically the smell of life. The pool seems too artificial to me in comparison.

How about you?
Poolside or Beach?

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pen or Pencil?

Question of the Day: Pen or pencil? 

Answer: Pens. They don't smear like pencils. And you don't have to sharpen them. Plus, I just scratch out what I've written, instead of wasting time with erasing. 

How about you?
Pens or pencils?

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Would I Ever Live in Space?

Question of the Day: Would you ever live in space?

Answer: That's a great question! Probably not. Sure it would be cool to travel into space some day on like vacation, but I could never imagine living there. There are so many places I have yet to explore here on Earth. Also, it seems like space would be dark, so I might be in a state of perpetual tiredness. Then I'd also have to factor in my tendency for seasickness on small ships... so if I'm on a small space ship would I get space sick?
Probably so.

How about you?
Could you ever imagine yourself living in space?

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Writing Update

Courtney, Jamie, and I.
Hello there my beautiful friends!

It was a sunny day here in Portland this morning! I walked around downtown with my roommate and her family. We got some yummy hot chocolate and cart food. Today is my roommate's birthday, so happy birthday Jamie!

Today, I sat on a bench and written on it in black sharpie was: What if your best friend is actually your grandchild who used a time machine to spend time with you?
This is why I freaking LOVE Portland!

So, anyhow, today I present yet another writing update.

A couple weeks ago, I sent two short stories out to Chicken Soup for the Soul. One of the stories I sent was actually a story I've sent before, but it was for a different book topic and it did not get chosen for that particular book topic, so I'm trying it out on this next book topic, which is "Lemons to Lemonade."

Here is the link to me reading that essay if you would like to hear it:

Also, I've been quite busy with school, so that's why you've seen those really short blog posts about random things like which one I prefer: coffee of tea? They hardly take any time to write and keep life interesting for me, which is always nice.

On the weekends, I work on Novel #2, which is coming along slowly, but nicely so far. It's a much tougher story to write for many reasons.

  1. It's my second novel. 
  2. There is a lot of my own personal life crammed into this story.  
  3. It's much more complicated than the first novel. It's told in flashbacks. 
  4. And it's a lot more emotional than the first novel. 
Now, some of you might be asking: Why is your second novel tougher? 

And that's a good question. You would think that if I completed one novel the next novel should actually be much easier, but I don't think that's entirely the case for me. In some ways, yes, it is easier because the writing muscle in my brain is significantly stronger than it used to be when I first started out. But it's tougher in some ways because sometimes I forget how hard writing the first book was.

I think it's like a second time mother who forgot how excruciatingly painful child birth was the first time.

When I finished writing Novel #1 (a process, by the way, which took four years), it almost felt like an accident. 

Yes, an accident! It was like: Holy crap! I've written a book.

Before, I started Novel #1 I just wrote introductions to stories that sounded really cool in my brain, but  would only crank out like 10 pages and then I'd be like, Well, I don't know what the heck happens next, so I'm just gonna quit. When I came up with Novel #1, I was 15 years-old and something different happened. Once I got to 10 pages, I knew exactly what was going to happen next and then suddenly the characters were starting to take a life of their own and the process was so much fun and kind of magical... I became addicted. 
I wrote late into the night on the weekends during school and every summer.  
I had my friends read it and they loved it. I had my Nana read it; she did not like it at first (mainly because I hadn't really found my voice yet and, honestly, it was pretty dang ridiculous and mushy and yeah... it was scary). But after I revised it, she loved it! 

I completed it at 18 years-old and immediately sent it off to literary agents. 
Bad idea. 
I was just too dang eager to get it published. 
Then I had a couple of writer friends help me edit it to perfection. I LOVE it now!

But it's kind of weird now...
Because now, I'm done with it and it's time to move on.
It's weird because I worked on and thought about that story all the freaking time. I'm not even kidding you. Four years of Novel #1.

I've been sending out query letters to literary agents for almost 2 years now and haven't had any success yet.
But I guess that depends on one's definition of success.
I've had very nice responses to my stories and lot's of comments like:

  1. You have talent!
  2. This book will be published one day. 
So, I wouldn't say that I failed. 
These professionals are telling me great things! 
I shouldn't get down on myself. 
Also, Richard Dane Scott will kick my butt if I do, so I won't. Hahaha. 

Sometimes, I wonder if this book will even get published. 
Because I know that sometimes writers write a novel and that first novel never gets published. 
Or, I wonder if Novel #2 will get published before #1. 
My mom thinks so. 
And I'm beginning to agree with her about that, too. 
But, even though this is what I think, I still send out a bazillion query letters.
Because you never know. 

Plus, I live by this Isaac Asimov quote:  "You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a drawer. You send that work out again and again, while you're working on another one. If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success--but only if you persist." 

So, this is what I do.

I also like the most recent quote from Neil Gaiman: "Write. Finish things and get on with the next one... You'll learn more from a glorious failure than from something you've never finished."

I really, really like this quote!

In which Maggie Stiefvater helpfully illustrates what novel-writing looks like...
So, now, I'm working on Novel #2 on the weekends... (along with looking for a job and filling out scholarship stuff and homework and other life stuff).
And the difference between this story and Novel #1 is that it's not as fun to write at the moment.

And maybe some of you are thinking: Well, if it's not fun to write then don't write it.

But that's not the case. I said it's not as fun because of the subject matter and also because it's so similar, in some ways, to my own life. It's not as fun because I have to dig a little deeper with this one. But it's a story I desperately want to tell. I have the whole thing charted out in my mind and I love it; it's just that the tough part now is translating that story so that you can read it and experience it for yourself.
That's all.

Ok, I think I've rambled enough for the night.
I need to fix myself some dinner.
Get some homework reading in and write.

I might even watch Pride and Prejudice tonight. Ooooh. I like that idea.
Tomorrow I do Zumba! Which I will talk about later.

Blog to you later!

I've got a Twitter account now. Shoot, I'm getting all technologically fancy now!
Twitter link:

Coffee or Tea?

Question of the day: Coffee of Tea?

Answer: Definitely tea! Coffee tastes nasty, unless you dump a TON of sugar and soy milk in it. And afterwards, it gives me a major headache and leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. So, definitely no on coffee. My question to the public is, What is the point of decaf? I mean, honestly, coffee is so disgusting.
I love tea! I could drink it non-stop if I could. I love peppermint tea with a LARGE scoop of honey. I love chai tea. I love macha green tea with soy milk and a LARGE scoop of honey in it too.

How about you?
Coffee or tea?

Blog to you later!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Favorite Smells

Here is the question of the day: What are your three favorite smells? 


  1. Cedar shavings, 
  2. Lavender, 
  3. And right before it rains. 
This is kind of difficult question to answer because, as it turns out, I have a lot of favorite smells. Try narrowing your own top 3 favorite smells. 

Blog to you later!

Pick-Me-Up Songs.

Hi there!

What's that song you need to hear when you're feeling down?
Maybe it's not just one song, but many.

Here are mine (just to name a few):

  1. "Be Ok" by Ingrid Michaelson
  2. "You and I" by Ingrid Miachaelson 
  3. "Soilder" by Ingrid Michaelson
  4. "My Body" by Young the Giant
  5. "Take a Walk" by Passion Pit
  6. "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele
  7. "Everybody Dance Now" 
  8. "You Should Be Dancing" Bee Gees
  9. "You're the first, the Last, My Everything" by Barry White
  10. "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros 
  11. "On Top of the World" by Imagine Dragons
  12. "I Was Made for Lovin' You" by Kiss
  13. "Rock and Roll" by Led Zeppelin 
  14. "L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N." by Noah and the Whale 
  15. "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine
  16. "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" by Coldplay
And of course the backing up song because it's hilarious. Always makes me smile. 

Blog to you later!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

24 Hour Cereal Character

Question of the day!

Q: If you could be one for just 24 hours, what cereal character would you be and why?

A: Definitely Count Chocula because I'd get to be a chocolate-consuming vampire! I mean how freaking cool is that??? 

Speaking of Counts... this video cracks me up!

Blog to you later!

I'm going to keep up with this question of the day thing. :)

Jacob Black in the Elevator

Hi there!

So, basically my friends and I were just bored on Saturday night after the basketball game and my roommate, Jamie, dared me to go into the elevator with Jacob Black and just hold him in there like a creeper.

So, I did it.
And the response was hilarious.

Some people wouldn't even get into the elevator. This one girl cried out, "Oh my god, it's Taylor Lautner," and backed away.
Many of the guys in the building said this:

  1. Oh sh*t! He scared me. 
  2. Holy sh*t!
  3. Sh*t, not Twilight again!
As you can see, lot's of craptastic thoughts were involved. 

I wore sunglasses because my roommate and friends were in the elevator with me at first and Jamie thought that if I wore sunglasses she wouldn't laugh as easily. 
This wasn't the case. 
One time, I was alone in the elevator with another girl, who noticed the pink Planned Parenthood button on Jacob's cape and then asked: "Is this a protest?"
Without looking at her, I cooly responded, "Why yes, yes this is."

So, now, I'm sort of tempted to go out in the city with Jacob Black, a bucket, and sign that says: My boyfriend is a werewolf and needs money for college. God bless. 

What do you think of this experiment?

Some say no. 
Some yes. 

Blog to you later!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Favorite Golden Globes Moments

Here were my favorite Golden Globes Moments:

  1. James Cameron Joke. 
  2. Jennifer Lawrence win!
  3. Adele high-fiving Daniel Craig. 
  4. The look on Taylor Swift's face after Adele won.  
  5. Ben Affleck winning Best Director. 
  6. The unimpressed look on Tommy Lee Jones's face during the Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell skit. 
James Cameron Joke:  "When it comes to torture, I trust a woman who was married three years to James Cameron." -Amy Poehler

Adele wins! Taylor Swift grumpy!

What were your favorite moments?

Blog to you later!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

All Time Favorite Movie Moment

Here is my all time favorite movie moment ever. It's from 2002's Spiderman. I'm constantly quoting it. I think Willem Dafoe does a killer job in this scene as both the Green Goblin and Norman Osborne.

[Norman hears the Green Goblin cackling] 
Norman Osborn: Is somebody there? 
Green Goblin: [mocking] Somebody? 
Norman Osborn: Who are you? 
Green Goblin: Don't play the innocent with ME - you've known all along! 
Norman Osborn: Where are you? 
Green Goblin: Follow the cold shiver running down your spine... 
[Norman wildly searches among his collection of masks for the source of the voice] 
Green Goblin: [impatiently] I'm right HERE! 
[Norman turns and confronts his reflection in a mirror] 
Norman Osborn: I, I don't understand... 
Green Goblin: Did you think it was coincidence - so many good things happening for you, all for you, Norman? 
[He drains Norman's glass and hurls it away] 
Norman Osborn: What do you want? 
Green Goblin: To say what you won't, to do what you can't - to *remove* those in your way... 
[He holds up a newspaper which Norman examines. The main headlines state the murder of the Oscorp Board of Governors at the hands of the Green Goblin] 
Norman Osborn: The Board Members - you killed them! 
Green Goblin: WE killed them! 
Norman Osborn: We? 
Green Goblin: Remember? Your little "accident" in the laboratory...? 
Norman Osborn: The performance enhancers... 
Green Goblin: Bingo. Me! Your greatest creation. Bringing you what you've always wanted: power beyond your wildest dreams and its only the beginning. There is only one who could stop us - or imagine if he joined us... 
[as Norman watches in fear, the Goblin bares his teeth in an utterly manic grin... ] 

What is your all-time favorite movie moment?

Blog to you later!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Tips for College Students

Hello there!

I just finished up my first week here at Portland State University and guess what? 
I absolutely LOVE it here! Yay!
Since this is my third year of college now, I thought I'd go ahead and write down some tips for future college students or students in college right now.

Here is what I've found to be helpful so far. 
  1. Community College. I feel like people often look down on community college, but don't! It's a really good idea! Advantages of Attending A Community College
  2. Get 6-8 hours of sleepSleep Benefits
  3. Do as much studying as you can during the day. Night time makes you sleepy. What takes you an hour to do during the day may take you an hour and a half at night. 
  4.  Schedule breaks. Take a ten minute break after every hour of study. Trust me, you will remember stuff better and won't go mad. 
  5. Study the hardest subject first. Work on your hardest subjects at a time when you are fresh. Putting them off until you're tired compounds the problem.
  6. Establish a routine time to study for each class. Plan 2 hours of studying for every hour in class. Study includes more than just doing your homework. You will need to go over your notes from by class, labeling, editing, and making sure you understand them. 
  7. Check your syllabus often
  8. Do the reading. (Don't put them off just because there's not a written assignment.) Read ahead whenever possible. Prepare for each class as if there will be a pop quiz.
  9. Take a recorder to class and listen to the lectures later. You can do this on your iPhone by the way. 
  10. Establish a place to study. Your place should have a desk, comfortable chair, good lighting, all the supplies you need, and of course, should be as free of distractions as possible. It should not be a place where you routinely do other things. It should your study placeDo NOT study in bed! That is were you sleep.
  11. Drink lots of water. Benefits to drinking water.
  12. Avoid caffeine. 
  13. Eat healthy. 15 Benefits of Eating An Apple
  14. Exercise. Benefits of a 20 minute walk a day.
  15. Be assertive. Find 1 or 2 people in class you can study with. Get their number. 
  16. Ask questions. You are there to learn after all! 
  17. Have fun! Go to activities. Make friends! Get involved in clubs. 
I referred a lot to this website: Ten Tips You Need to Survive College

Blog to you later!

Supporting My Brother

Hi there!

I just wanted to write a quick little post about my brother, Andrew Yancey.
He loves making films and is actually really good at it. This summer he worked as First Assistant Cameraman on the film Champion.  He recently got accepted into Montana State University where he will study film. I'm really excited for him!

Like his Facebook page:

And subscribe to his YouTube channel:


Blog to you later!

Ask Noah

So, I was looking through a list of "Ice Breaker" questions and found this unusual one: If you could ask Noah a question, what would it be?

After laughing really hard for about 2 minutes, here is what I came up with.

  1. Are you prone to seasickness?
  2. Where do you park the boat? 
  3. Are you allergic to cats?
  4. Have you ever gotten a splinter?
  5. Who cleans up the poop?
  6. Why didn't you let the unicorns board the ship? 
What would your questions be?

Blog to you later!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Day I Almost Died

I'm here to tell you about the day--or rather, one of the days--in which I almost died.
Yes, this blog post concerns death.
It is going to be pretty dang intense.

So, today's post was inspired by last night's dinner. My mom, her friend, my roommate, and I ate out at a Thai food restaurant and, well, it was rather spicy... like tears-streaking-down-your-face-snot-dripping-from-your-nose-I-need-more-milk-to-put-the-fire-out-on-my-tongue spicy. And oh god, I am not looking forward to it's departure from my body...

Anyhow, that leads me to the story of how I almost died one fateful night. Again, like the quarter-swallowing story (Quarter-Swallowing Story), I will reveal it to you in third person.

Viewer Discretion: This story involves child abuse. 

When Miss Amanda Yancey was twelve-years of age she and her little 10 year-old brother, Drew, thought they were super cool.
Why? You may ask.
Because they could tolerate Tabasco sauce. They'd dump a ton on their food, even splash some directly on their tongues, and you know what... it didn't bother them in the slightest.

One night, Amanda and Drew sat at the dinner table and begged their mother to give them something spicier. So, she gave them pickled jalapenos, then raw jalapenos, and then several other spicy foods that they happily ate and then said: Give me something spicier! 

So, then their mother walked into the pantry and came sauntering out with a jar of these little white pickled Brazilian peppers.
(Cue the ominous music: Dun. Dun. Dun.)

Amanda: What's that?
Her mother: These are from Brazil and they are supposedly really hot. Up for the challenge?

Amanda and her brother both smiled.
Amanda: Bring it on!

Her mother unscrewed the jar, which made a little hissing sound.
The children's eyes widened.
Drew went first. He stuck his little fingers into the jar and grabbed the white raisin-sized pepper from it. Hesitantly, he raised it to his mouth and... licked it... and immediately started screaming.

Amanda, always up for a challenge, swallowed the pepper whole.
Before an entire minute had passed, blood was dripping from both nostrils.
Before ten minutes had gone by, she was in the bathroom throwing up and having diarrhea.
Her face turned a deep red and she thought her head was going to explode from the pain.

These were the peppers from hell.

And what did their mother do?
She just laughed.

End of story.

So, I luckily, haven't experienced spiciness to that extreme, but last night came pretty dang close.

Blog to you later!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Story of Nubbins


This is my cat's name, well, actually, it's his nickname.
He is orange and he is fat and I absolutely love the little guy.

Nubbins's real name is actually Conan, before I adopted him his name was Lightning, which makes me chuckle because it's a name that doesn't quite suit him. I named him after the talk show host, Conan O'brien. Cool, right?

Now, onto his nickname: Nubbins.
How did he receive this? You may ask.
And I will say: Great question, I will tell you.

Before I took Conan and his brother, Leo, home they were fully loaded, which in Amanda-talk basically means they still had their testicles, balls, jingle bells--you get the gist.

After he was fixed he just had this nub in that ball-less area and he likes to climb up onto your shoulders and "nub-you," which involves turning his butt toward you and pushing his nub into your face. This is how he became known as Nubbins because he does this all the time.

Blog to you later!

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Relationship with Titanic: Ship and Movie

A couple weeks ago, my dad and I were watching Titanic, not the whole thing mind you--we were just flipping through the channels, trying to find something decent to watch, and found James Cameron's epic love story. It was at the part where the ship was sinking (vague, I know, but specifically...) when Rose was being lowered into the icy water in a lifeboat and she sees Jack at the top looking down upon her beside her evil fiance and then she leaps back onto the boat.

Dad: Why is she so stupid?
Me: The heart wants what the heart wants Dad... and, let's be honest here, it's Leonardo DiCaprio.
My dad just shrugged. 

You might not know this about me, but at one time I was super, duper obsessed with Titanic. The ship and the tragedy itself, not the movie; however, we will get into that later. This recent conversation I had with my dad inspired this blogpost. Funny side note, even though he got mad at how stupid Rose was... he kept watching the film with a deep intensity.

I saw bits and pieces of this film when I was younger and heard a lot about this incredibly famous ship during my childhood. And I was very intrigued by it. At eleven-years-old, I could tell you anything about the Titanic, literally anything. I bought and borrowed several books on the subject and on every April 15th (which, interestingly enough, is my dad's birthday) I'd get all excited, not because it was the anniversary of my dad's birth, but because that's when the Titanic sunk!

April 15th, 2012 was the 100th anniversary of the ship's sinking. Remarkable, isn't? (And just between you and me, I rarely say the word "remarkable").

I hardly remembered anything I learned about the ship when I was younger, so I thought I'd do a little bit of research for you.

Here are some cool facts about this awesome ship:

  1. Canceled Lifeboat Drill
    Originally, a lifeboat drill was scheduled to take place on board the
    Titanic on April 14, 1912 - the day the Titanic hit the iceberg. However, for an unknown reason, Captain Smith canceled the drill. Many believe that had the drill taken place, more lives could have been saved.
  2. Only Seconds
    From the time the lookouts sounded the alert, the officers on the bridge had only 37 seconds to react before the 
    Titanic hit the iceberg. In that time, First Officer Murdoch ordered "hard a-starboard" (which turned the ship to port -- left). He also ordered the engine room to put the engines in reverse. The Titanic did bank left, but it wasn't quite enough.
  3. The Titanic's Newspaper
    Titanic seemed to have everything on board, including its own newspaper. The Atlantic Daily Bulletinwas printed every day on board the Titanic. The newspaper included news, advertisements, stock prices, horse-racing results, society gossip, and the day's menu.
  4. Lifeboats Not Full
    Not only were there not enough lifeboats to save everyone on board, most of the lifeboats that were launched off the 
    Titanic were not filled to capacity. For instance, the first lifeboat to launch, Lifeboat 7 from the starboard side) only carried 24 people, despite having a capacity of 65 (two additional people later transferred to Lifeboat 7 from Lifeboat 5). However, it was Lifeboat 1 that carried the fewest people - only seven crew and five passengers (a total of 12 people) despite having a capacity for 40.
  5. Only Two Bathtubs
    Although most passengers had to share bathrooms (only the two promenade suites in first class had private bathrooms), third class had it rough with only two bathtubs for more than 700 passengers.
  6. Another Boat Was Closer for Rescue
    When the 
    Titanic began sending out distress signals, the Californian, rather than theCarpathia, was the closest ship; yet the Californian did not respond until it was much too late to help. At 12:45 a.m. on April 15, 1912, crew members on the Californian saw mysterious lights in the sky (the distress flares sent up from the Titanic) and woke up their captain to tell him about it. Unfortunately, the captain issued no orders. Since the ship's wireless operator had already gone to bed, the Californian was unaware of any distress signals from the Titanicuntil the morning, but by then the Carpathia had already picked up all the survivors. Many people believe that if the Californian had responded to the Titanic's pleas for help, many more lives could have been saved.
  7. Two Dogs Rescued
    With the order for women and children first into the lifeboats, plus the knowledge that there were not enough lifeboats for everyone on board the 
    Titanic to be saved, it is a bit surprising that two dogs made it into the lifeboats. Of the nine dogs on board the Titanic, the two that were rescued were a Pomeranian and a Pekinese.
  8. The Fourth Funnel
    In what is now an iconic image, the side view of the 
    Titanic clearly shows four cream and black funnels. While three of these released the steam from the boilers, the fourth was just for show. The designers thought the ship would look more impressive with four funnels rather than three.
  9. A Royal Mail Ship
    R.M.S. Titanic was a Royal Mail Ship, a designation which meant the Titanic was officially responsible for delivering mail for the British postal service. On board the Titanic was a Sea Post Office with five mail clerks (two British and three American). These mail clerks were responsible for the 3,423 sacks of mail (seven million individual pieces of mail) on board theTitanic. Interestingly, although no mail has yet been recovered from the wreck of the Titanic, if it were, the U.S. Postal Service would still try to deliver it (the USPS because most of the mail was being sent to the U.S.).
  10. Corpses Recovered
    On April 17, 1912, the day before survivors of the 
    Titanic disaster reached New York, theMackay-Bennett was sent off from Halifax, Nova Scotia to search for bodies. On board theMackay-Bennett were embalming supplies, 40 embalmers, tons of ice, and 100 coffins. Although the Mackay-Bennett found 306 bodies, 116 of these were too badly damaged to take all the way back to shore. Attempts were made to identify each body found. Additional ships were also sent out to look for bodies. In all, 328 bodies were found, but 119 of these were badly damaged and thus were buried at sea.

Link: Interesting Facts

I am constantly having nightmares that involve the sinking on the Titanic. They are always incredibly scary. I always, always, always dream about being on the Titanic. I wonder what this means???

Swooning time. 
When I first saw the film, I was at a friend's house and definitely wasn't old enough to see the super naked part, but I did and it terrified me, even though I am a girl. I was just like: HOLY CRAP! Those are some big...
Never mind.
When I got older and watched the film again with a more mature mind, I decided I didn't like it because it wasn't realistic. Rose and Jack could not have gotten together. Plus, I was a huge Tom Boy when I was younger and I thought that if I liked anything remotely close to Titanic my title would be taken away and I would be deemed girly. 
Now, I'm ok with being both girly and a Tom Boy. I'm ok with the fact that this movie is cheesy and that it isn't perfectly realistic. It's a movie for crying out loud! And I love Leo.

That's my Titanic rant.

Blog to you later!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Move-In Day

Hello there! How are you doing? (Respond in the comments if you wish... )

It's morning time right now (actually it's night, but I started this in the morning) and I am in Portland because I live here now. Cool, right? I know, I'm pretty stoked about it too!

Well, yesterday I moved into my dorm. I live up pretty high in the building and, luckily, have an awesome view of the hillside with the fancy houses. Almost my whole family helped me move in: my mom, step-dad, and brother. Then afterwards we got some Mexican food, which was delicious!

I met up with my friend who has been here since last term and went to Italy with a little over a year ago. Last night, she asked me how I felt.
How did I feel? I thought to myself, analyzing my emotions.
And I had to tell her that I felt fine. I am excited and, surprisingly, not scared. But I mostly compared this feeling to that sickening oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-die-out-here feeling I felt when my mother dropped me off at my apartment in Florence, Italy.
Because, you see, there is a HUGE difference between Portland and Florence. I'm closer to home (which is good because I didn't pack enough) and I speak the language. Yay!

I've decorated my side of the room with pictures I cut out of a calendar of Italy. I will show you pictures tomorrow if I can.

My roommate is awesome. She got me a red cup with a white A on it and two Hunger Game folders. We both love the same music and plan on going to concerts together.

Life is good right now.

I will write more later, but right now I am quite tired and have school tomorrow.

Blog to you later!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Portland Bound

Hello there.

I thought I'd update you on what's up next in my life. College.
And you might be thinking, this isn't entirely new news, but it's slightly different in that I have transferred from Community College to a University. I have completed my Associates of Arts Degree and am now on to completing my B.A. I am double majoring in Psychology and English and minoring in Creative Writing. Some people give me odd looks when I tell them this, which seems strange to me. What is so odd about that? I wonder.

This Christmas, I told my grandpa that I am going to be a therapist, screenwriter, author, and probably some other wonderful things too.
His response: How are you going to make all those things happen?
Me: I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'll find a way.
He just chuckled (only God knows what kind of chuckle it was, good or bad).

My grandpa then asked me why I wanted to be a therapist. Like, he wanted to know why I wanted to work one on one with people rather than working with the majority.
My response: If you help the individual, you can help the community.
And that was how our conversation ended.

Yeah, so, what else should I write? Hmmm...
Well, I will say that I am very excited about going to school up in Portland. I am looking forward to meeting my roommate who I have been emailing back and forth with lately and she seems super nice. She is from California and we both love alternative/indie rock music and going to concerts. This is key to a good roommate relationship. Music.

I'm not too scared. I mean, I lived in Italy for 3 months for goodness sakes. I feel like if I survived living in Europe, Portland will be a piece of cake because A.) it's ( A LOT) closer to home, B.) there's no language barrier, and C.) my friends are up there.

I am very excited for all the experiences yet to be had in this cool city. I wonder what I will learn and what people I will meet?

I assure you that I will still write on this blog. I will also still be working on Novel #2 and Chicken Soup for the Soul stuff as well.

Well, I better head to bed now because I move into my dorm tomorrow.

Blog to you later!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Goals

I think goals are important, especially realistic and achievable ones. Here are mine for 2013.

  1. Read 25 books. 
  2. Walk a 10K. 
  3. Get three terms of college completed at Portland State University. 
  4. Perform at least 12 acts of random kindness throughout the year. Random Acts of Kindness
  5. Get an internship. 
  6. Get a job. 
  7. Get at least 1 story published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. 
  8. Finish rough draft of Novel #2 by the end of the summer (September 31st). 
  9. Write at least something every night in my question journal. Question Journal
  10. Eat less meat. 
  11. Conserve more energy. 
  12. Recycle more. 
  13. Write at least 100 posts for this blog. 
  14. Donate blood at least once. 
  15. See The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
And that's about it. Yes. 

Blog to you later. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Favorite Music of 2012


(I was going to publish this post yesterday, but I didn't have internet connection at the house I was pet-sitting at.)

I thought I'd share my favorite music of 2012 today. By the way, this is in no particular order.

  1. "Radioactive." Imagine Dragons. 
  2. "Gangnam Style." Psy.
  3. "It's Time." Imagine Dragons. 
  4. "On Top of the World." Imagine Dragons. 
  5. "Skyfall." Adele. 
  6. "Hey Ho." The Lumineers. 
  7. "Little Talks." Of Monsters and Men. 
  8. "Mountain Sound." Of Monsters and Men. 
  9. "Six Weeks." Of Monsters and Men. 
  10. "Take a Walk." Passion Pit. 
  11. "Follow Me." Muse. 
  12. "Survival." Muse. 
  13. "The 2nd Law." Muse. 
  14. "A Matter of Time." The Killers.
  15. "Breathing Underwater." Metric. 
  16. "Lights." Ellie Goulding. 
  17. "We Are Young." Fun. 
  18. "Everybody Talks." Neon Trees. 
  19. "Somebody That I Used to Know." Gotye (Kind of sick of this song now, though...)
  20. "Starships." Nicki Minaj 
  21. "Stronger." Kelly Clarkson. 
  22. "Darkside." Kelly Clarkson. 
  23. "Sexy and I Know It." LMFAO
  24. "Party Rock Anthem." LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock. 
  25. "Good Feeling." Flo Rida. 
  26. "Moves Like Jagger." Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera. 
  27. "Good Time." Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. 
  28. "Anything Can Happen." Ellie Goulding. 
  29. "We Are Never Getting Back Together." Taylor Swift.
Blog to you later!