1,727 Words

Hello there!

I just wanted to briefly give you a writing update before I leave to devour a Chocolate Heath Bar Blizzard. Today I wrote 1,727 words on Novel #2. My goal was to write 1,600 words and I not only reached it, but succeeded it, so YAY! 

Writing a book is very tough on its own, but can be especially tough when you are in college. I only write on it during the weekends and most of the time I am so burnt out from school that I really, really don't want to work on it because it can often feel like homework--fun homework--but homework nonetheless.
But, still, I force myself.

This weekend, I came home from college and sat in the cool quiet awesomeness of my room and wrote. It was very tough to get started, but once I forced myself, the words started flowing quite nicely and soon I was writing more words than my original goal. I am proud of the chunk I accomplished this week.

If you're an aspiring author. Write. And write like it's your job. Set some time aside every week and have a goal of how much you will write.
It's hard work, but it's totally worth it.

Blog to you later!


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