2013 Goals

I think goals are important, especially realistic and achievable ones. Here are mine for 2013.

  1. Read 25 books. 
  2. Walk a 10K. 
  3. Get three terms of college completed at Portland State University. 
  4. Perform at least 12 acts of random kindness throughout the year. Random Acts of Kindness
  5. Get an internship. 
  6. Get a job. 
  7. Get at least 1 story published in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. 
  8. Finish rough draft of Novel #2 by the end of the summer (September 31st). 
  9. Write at least something every night in my question journal. Question Journal
  10. Eat less meat. 
  11. Conserve more energy. 
  12. Recycle more. 
  13. Write at least 100 posts for this blog. 
  14. Donate blood at least once. 
  15. See The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
And that's about it. Yes. 

Blog to you later. 


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