All Time Favorite Movie Moment

Here is my all time favorite movie moment ever. It's from 2002's Spiderman. I'm constantly quoting it. I think Willem Dafoe does a killer job in this scene as both the Green Goblin and Norman Osborne.

[Norman hears the Green Goblin cackling] 
Norman Osborn: Is somebody there? 
Green Goblin: [mocking] Somebody? 
Norman Osborn: Who are you? 
Green Goblin: Don't play the innocent with ME - you've known all along! 
Norman Osborn: Where are you? 
Green Goblin: Follow the cold shiver running down your spine... 
[Norman wildly searches among his collection of masks for the source of the voice] 
Green Goblin: [impatiently] I'm right HERE! 
[Norman turns and confronts his reflection in a mirror] 
Norman Osborn: I, I don't understand... 
Green Goblin: Did you think it was coincidence - so many good things happening for you, all for you, Norman? 
[He drains Norman's glass and hurls it away] 
Norman Osborn: What do you want? 
Green Goblin: To say what you won't, to do what you can't - to *remove* those in your way... 
[He holds up a newspaper which Norman examines. The main headlines state the murder of the Oscorp Board of Governors at the hands of the Green Goblin] 
Norman Osborn: The Board Members - you killed them! 
Green Goblin: WE killed them! 
Norman Osborn: We? 
Green Goblin: Remember? Your little "accident" in the laboratory...? 
Norman Osborn: The performance enhancers... 
Green Goblin: Bingo. Me! Your greatest creation. Bringing you what you've always wanted: power beyond your wildest dreams and its only the beginning. There is only one who could stop us - or imagine if he joined us... 
[as Norman watches in fear, the Goblin bares his teeth in an utterly manic grin... ] 

What is your all-time favorite movie moment?

Blog to you later!


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