Jacob Black in the Elevator

Hi there!

So, basically my friends and I were just bored on Saturday night after the basketball game and my roommate, Jamie, dared me to go into the elevator with Jacob Black and just hold him in there like a creeper.

So, I did it.
And the response was hilarious.

Some people wouldn't even get into the elevator. This one girl cried out, "Oh my god, it's Taylor Lautner," and backed away.
Many of the guys in the building said this:

  1. Oh sh*t! He scared me. 
  2. Holy sh*t!
  3. Sh*t, not Twilight again!
As you can see, lot's of craptastic thoughts were involved. 

I wore sunglasses because my roommate and friends were in the elevator with me at first and Jamie thought that if I wore sunglasses she wouldn't laugh as easily. 
This wasn't the case. 
One time, I was alone in the elevator with another girl, who noticed the pink Planned Parenthood button on Jacob's cape and then asked: "Is this a protest?"
Without looking at her, I cooly responded, "Why yes, yes this is."

So, now, I'm sort of tempted to go out in the city with Jacob Black, a bucket, and sign that says: My boyfriend is a werewolf and needs money for college. God bless. 

What do you think of this experiment?

Some say no. 
Some yes. 

Blog to you later!


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