Move-In Day

Hello there! How are you doing? (Respond in the comments if you wish... )

It's morning time right now (actually it's night, but I started this in the morning) and I am in Portland because I live here now. Cool, right? I know, I'm pretty stoked about it too!

Well, yesterday I moved into my dorm. I live up pretty high in the building and, luckily, have an awesome view of the hillside with the fancy houses. Almost my whole family helped me move in: my mom, step-dad, and brother. Then afterwards we got some Mexican food, which was delicious!

I met up with my friend who has been here since last term and went to Italy with a little over a year ago. Last night, she asked me how I felt.
How did I feel? I thought to myself, analyzing my emotions.
And I had to tell her that I felt fine. I am excited and, surprisingly, not scared. But I mostly compared this feeling to that sickening oh-my-god-I'm-going-to-die-out-here feeling I felt when my mother dropped me off at my apartment in Florence, Italy.
Because, you see, there is a HUGE difference between Portland and Florence. I'm closer to home (which is good because I didn't pack enough) and I speak the language. Yay!

I've decorated my side of the room with pictures I cut out of a calendar of Italy. I will show you pictures tomorrow if I can.

My roommate is awesome. She got me a red cup with a white A on it and two Hunger Game folders. We both love the same music and plan on going to concerts together.

Life is good right now.

I will write more later, but right now I am quite tired and have school tomorrow.

Blog to you later!



  1. I like that you are closer to home too. Cheaper phone bills. ;)


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