My Tips for College Students

Hello there!

I just finished up my first week here at Portland State University and guess what? 
I absolutely LOVE it here! Yay!
Since this is my third year of college now, I thought I'd go ahead and write down some tips for future college students or students in college right now.

Here is what I've found to be helpful so far. 
  1. Community College. I feel like people often look down on community college, but don't! It's a really good idea! Advantages of Attending A Community College
  2. Get 6-8 hours of sleepSleep Benefits
  3. Do as much studying as you can during the day. Night time makes you sleepy. What takes you an hour to do during the day may take you an hour and a half at night. 
  4.  Schedule breaks. Take a ten minute break after every hour of study. Trust me, you will remember stuff better and won't go mad. 
  5. Study the hardest subject first. Work on your hardest subjects at a time when you are fresh. Putting them off until you're tired compounds the problem.
  6. Establish a routine time to study for each class. Plan 2 hours of studying for every hour in class. Study includes more than just doing your homework. You will need to go over your notes from by class, labeling, editing, and making sure you understand them. 
  7. Check your syllabus often
  8. Do the reading. (Don't put them off just because there's not a written assignment.) Read ahead whenever possible. Prepare for each class as if there will be a pop quiz.
  9. Take a recorder to class and listen to the lectures later. You can do this on your iPhone by the way. 
  10. Establish a place to study. Your place should have a desk, comfortable chair, good lighting, all the supplies you need, and of course, should be as free of distractions as possible. It should not be a place where you routinely do other things. It should your study placeDo NOT study in bed! That is were you sleep.
  11. Drink lots of water. Benefits to drinking water.
  12. Avoid caffeine. 
  13. Eat healthy. 15 Benefits of Eating An Apple
  14. Exercise. Benefits of a 20 minute walk a day.
  15. Be assertive. Find 1 or 2 people in class you can study with. Get their number. 
  16. Ask questions. You are there to learn after all! 
  17. Have fun! Go to activities. Make friends! Get involved in clubs. 
I referred a lot to this website: Ten Tips You Need to Survive College

Blog to you later!


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