The Story of Nubbins


This is my cat's name, well, actually, it's his nickname.
He is orange and he is fat and I absolutely love the little guy.

Nubbins's real name is actually Conan, before I adopted him his name was Lightning, which makes me chuckle because it's a name that doesn't quite suit him. I named him after the talk show host, Conan O'brien. Cool, right?

Now, onto his nickname: Nubbins.
How did he receive this? You may ask.
And I will say: Great question, I will tell you.

Before I took Conan and his brother, Leo, home they were fully loaded, which in Amanda-talk basically means they still had their testicles, balls, jingle bells--you get the gist.

After he was fixed he just had this nub in that ball-less area and he likes to climb up onto your shoulders and "nub-you," which involves turning his butt toward you and pushing his nub into your face. This is how he became known as Nubbins because he does this all the time.

Blog to you later!


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