Portland Bound

Hello there.

I thought I'd update you on what's up next in my life. College.
And you might be thinking, this isn't entirely new news, but it's slightly different in that I have transferred from Community College to a University. I have completed my Associates of Arts Degree and am now on to completing my B.A. I am double majoring in Psychology and English and minoring in Creative Writing. Some people give me odd looks when I tell them this, which seems strange to me. What is so odd about that? I wonder.

This Christmas, I told my grandpa that I am going to be a therapist, screenwriter, author, and probably some other wonderful things too.
His response: How are you going to make all those things happen?
Me: I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'll find a way.
He just chuckled (only God knows what kind of chuckle it was, good or bad).

My grandpa then asked me why I wanted to be a therapist. Like, he wanted to know why I wanted to work one on one with people rather than working with the majority.
My response: If you help the individual, you can help the community.
And that was how our conversation ended.

Yeah, so, what else should I write? Hmmm...
Well, I will say that I am very excited about going to school up in Portland. I am looking forward to meeting my roommate who I have been emailing back and forth with lately and she seems super nice. She is from California and we both love alternative/indie rock music and going to concerts. This is key to a good roommate relationship. Music.

I'm not too scared. I mean, I lived in Italy for 3 months for goodness sakes. I feel like if I survived living in Europe, Portland will be a piece of cake because A.) it's ( A LOT) closer to home, B.) there's no language barrier, and C.) my friends are up there.

I am very excited for all the experiences yet to be had in this cool city. I wonder what I will learn and what people I will meet?

I assure you that I will still write on this blog. I will also still be working on Novel #2 and Chicken Soup for the Soul stuff as well.

Well, I better head to bed now because I move into my dorm tomorrow.

Blog to you later!


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