Sorry about the whole MIA situation people.
The past two weeks, I've spent time studying for midterms and then actually taking the midterms. I am also working on various applications and scholarship stuff. It's tiring my friends. I didn't blog because I wanted to focus solely on these tests and if I did have time to write I wanted to spend that writing time on Novel #2.

Which brings us to my next point.
Novel #2.
Novel #2 is going great! These past two weeks I have written around 4,000 words, which is quite an accomplishment in my eyes considering it is often very difficult for me to force myself into novel writing mode when I am too pooped from school and just want to watch Daniel Day-Lewis movies. Also, the part I am currently writing is very emotional and exhausting to pour out in itself. However, once I get myself going, I'm really happy that I did and I always enjoy the writing process. It's sort of like working out in a way.

Next news.
I am doing good in school. So far I have all A's in my classes, except I don't know how my film midterm went yet, but hopefully good. I got 100% on my psychology midterm which obviously got me super excited. I also received a bunch of grants and scholarships to pay of next term's tuition. Yay, for money! So, yes, things are going well in the school department.

And that's about it.

I spent way too much money last week, but that's because I went out to eat and saw a movie with my friends on Valentine's day. This week I need to be very conservative with my money.

Alrighty then. I will blog to you later!



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