Ebook or Real Book?

That's me on the right. Hahaha. 
Question of the Day: Which do you prefer... reading an Ebook or a Real Book? 

Answer: I prefer real books! I like the smell and the texture of turning the pages. I like seeing how much I've read. I like the crackling sound the spine makes when I open a new book. I like that I can read before everyone else on the plane because they need to have their electronic devices shut down during take off and landing. I know that people can store like a gazillion books on their kindle, but if I am on vacation I only read about two books at a time and that's ok with me. I can fit it in my carry on bag and if size is an issue I will just buy a paperback.

What about you?
Do you prefer reading an Ebook or a Real Book?

Blog to you later!


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