Bella Swan Was Right


So, in Twilight--you've heard of this book right?--you'll hear the narrator Bella Swan constantly blurt out stuff like: It physically pained me to be away from Edward. And at this point some of you may have either rolled your eyes at her whiny-infatuated talk or skimmed the pages for more sparkly vampire action. I, however, have a different view now on Bella's statement after having read more psychology books and taken more classes on the matter. 

Studies show that when a person is socially isolated, like kicked out of a group or has suffered a breakup, their cingulate cortex activates. What's interesting is that the cingulate cortex is the part of your brain that activates when you are experiencing physical pain, too. 

Interesting right? 

Alright. That's all I have for today. Time to get working on Novel #2. 

Blog to you later!


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