Goal In Life: Be Nicer

Yo, what up? (This is my gangsta greeting if by chance I just scared you.)

So, a while back I wrote a Facebook post that read: Life is too short to be embarrassed about kindness. 

And mind you, sometimes I write posts on purpose, other times I just pull quotes out of my honorary quote-book that sound good at that particular moment. As you can probably guess, this post was purposeful. I wrote it after having a sort of ridiculous conflict with myself.

Conflict: Should I bother sending this Thank You letter out?

Now, you may find this squabble I had with myself to be pretty darn stupid, but let me go into details.
The person I was about to send a Thank You letter to hadn't done anything specific for me. Over the years she has just shown me a lot of kindness and support and is just an overall inspiring, good-hearted person. And for some reason I really wanted to let her know this. Now, I could have just written her a little message over Facebook, but this voice inside my head that sounded an awful lot like Mr. T said: NO! That ain't okay FOOL! 

So, I decided against it and hand wrote the card.
I sealed it up, scribbled the address on it, but then hesitated when it came to actually sending it out.
Why? You may ask.
Well, I just felt weird about it.
And then I asked myself why I felt weird about sending out a Thank You letter and the ridiculous answer that kept responding in my head was: I'm afraid of being too nice.

Let me repeat that: I'm was afraid of being too nice.
Who the hell says that? At that point, I just rolled my eyes and sent the letter.

Shortly afterwards, I learned about Zach Sobiech and in case you haven't heard of him yet you HAVE TO WATCH THIS: 
Zach is such an inspiration to me! After watching his Last Days I've decided to not be embarrassed about being overly nice anymore because, in all honestly, there is nothing wrong with being overly nice and I have no idea why I was fretting over it.

My friend was thrilled after receiving the card I took the time to write her (it only took 5 minutes) and this made me happy too! I think it's important to thank those who inspire us because life is short and we should all strive to make our lives and the lives of others happier. We need more politeness in the world.

I don't know why it is so difficult or so embarrassing to be kind sometimes. Maybe this is just my personal problem. Here are my goals:

  1. Write more hand-written cards to people who inspire me. 
  2. Smile more. 
  3. Strike up conversations with people more. (Yes, even in the elevator. Just compliment their shoes or something.)
  4. Say thank you more often. 
  5. Laugh more. 
  6. Just basically don't hold back anymore.
I encourage you to take a mere 5 minutes to write someone who has inspired you and tell them thank you. It will totally make their day and your's as well. 

These are my goals. What are yours?

Blog to you later!


  1. I'm right there with on this one. I don't know why it's weird to feel weird about writing someone a real, physical note or letter.

    Someday I'm going to hand write you a "Hey how's it going?" or even a "Thank you" note.


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