My Butterlicious Brain


Today I'm here to tell you some interesting facts about yo brain!

What does my brain feel like? 
Your brain, interestingly enough, is actually the same consistency as warm butter. (I know. Kind of gross. I can't look at butter in the same way now.)

Why is my brain so soft? 
Great question! Well, 10% of this magnificent organ is fat. The reason for this being is that our brain is composed of thousands of neurons. And the part of your neuron that sends messages down to other neurons is called the axon and in order for those messages to be sent down faster is if they are insulated by--yep, you guessed it--FAT! This fat is called the myelin sheath and it is basically like the rubber encasing on a phone cord.

What protects my brain? 
Your skull! But also the fluid inside your skull that cushions that big lump of (hopefully) intellectual butter.

What happens if I hit my head?
Well, hopefully you are wearing a helmet during this metaphorical head-banging event, but if not you might break pieces of your skull which could consequently dig into your brain and tear at all of that beautiful tissue at which point I'd be like: GO TO THE FREAKING HOSPITAL! WHAT YOU CAN'T DRIVE BECAUSE YOUR GRAY MATTER IS OOZING OUT? FINE. I'LL TAKE YOU!

Even in the metaphorical case in which you did wear your helmet, hit your head, and your skull, fortunately, did not break, you could still sustain serious brain damage. The sad thing about the brain or rather the skull is that it has these rough ridges inside of it that can tear your brain if hit just right.

Do I really only use 10% of my brain?
No, this is a myth. Every part of the brain has a known function.

Is my brain really split in two halves?
Why yes it is! You have a right and left hemisphere, which is then connected in the middle by a spectacularly fibrous thing called the corpus callosum.

What parts of the brain are your favorite Amanda? 
Why thanks for asking! I'm really fascinated with the hippocampus (deals with memory) and the amygdala (deals with emotions).

I hope you found this as fascinating as I do.
Blog to you later!



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