Summer Vacation = More Blogging

Hola! Ciao! Hi there!

So, this sentence is getting redundant, but here I go typing it out again: It's been a long time since I've written to y'all.
Sorry about that. I've been extraordinarily busy with college, writing Novel #2,  concerts, and blah, blah, blah. Life, basically.

The title of this post makes me chuckle. As you can see it includes the word "summer" in it, which I find humorous since it doesn't exactly feel like that right now.
Why? You may ask.
Well, I recently trekked across PSU's campus from my dorm to the library in the pouring rain. Now, it wasn't freezing or anything mind you, but still... rain... summer. They don't exactly go well together unless you live in Hawaii (which, awesomely enough, is where my cousin Ashley is serving her mission now).
Some of you may hate rain, especially during summer time, but here were my thoughts as I hid under my blue sweatshirt's hood, readjusted my bag containing my laptop and disheveled notebooks, tried not to spill my hot chai soy latte, and stomped through puddles with my new Doc Martens:

  1. Rain smells good. 
  2. It's so green. 
  3. Ooooh, shirtless, muscular tennis players! Slow down. 
  4. Clomp, clomp, clomp. My boots make funny sounds when I walk. 
  5. The rain is making my shirt stick to my skin. 
  6. Move-out days = People carrying lots of bulky boxes. 
  7. The sun wants to peak out, but the clouds are being a bully. 
  8. I'm glad I'm an author. 
The last one came to me as I approached the steps of the library. One of the best things about being a writer is that I take more careful notice of life (my roommate might disagree, but I think I'm more observant than the average Joe [poor Joe]) and I really appreciate it. 
Just something I felt I needed to share. 

Hmm, let's see... what else shall I share other than my rambles? 
(More rambling, but) there is a disfigured hand drawn on the wooden table I am occupying in the library. The hand is actually labeled "Deformed hand" which seems unnecessary. 

Well, I am in the library to work on Novel #2, but I wanted to write on this blog as a sort of warm-up because I haven't written in a while and, yeah, I know I promised I'd write 15 minutes a day, but when Finals rolled around, uh, that didn't happen. But now it's summer vacation and I'm SO ready to write and go on adventures!

I just wanted to let y'all know that you'll hear from me more often now and I will update you on what's going on with my books and life. 

Blog to you later!

Ok, so I am on my 8th book of the year. Currently 4 books behind schedule for my GoodReads goal. But I will totally catch up this summer! I've got 17 more books to read for the year. I'll get it done. 


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