The Bad Vet Award


So, the other day our vet called and left a terribly disturbing message on our answering machine that left me in a choking sob. By the way, my horse, Red, is not at my house right now, instead, he's at a barn not too far away, working as a schooling horse.
Ok, so anyways, my vet started with this story of how he was going to float Red's teeth (float, is basically dentistry work on horses, kind of like filing his teeth down) and after he sedated my big guy Red's heart rate dropped to a frighteningly low level. My vet's voice was very sad sounding.
And at this point I was like: Oh my god, he's called to tell me that my horse died. And I started crying.
But then he tells me how he gave Red a shot of adrenaline and how that basically saved his life and that's all he had to say.
Next time you call a person to say their animal almost died, but didn't, please start with: Hey, your horse is fine, but here's what happened. 
I checked on Red immediately afterwards and he looked awesome.

Blog to you later!


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