Toilet Paper Photo Shoot

Still in the library. About to work on Novel #2, but I was unintentionally eavesdropping (which you may think is an oxymoron, but I can assure you it is not because they were sitting at my freaking table [boy drama]) and I got sidetracked. I'm also listening to film scores people are recommending me. I got an iTunes card for my b-day and I am going to purchase movie scores for my writing and walking playlist (I like to feel like I'm in a movie and something EPIC is about to unfold while I go on walks with my pup). 

Ok. So, what's up with this title? 
I shall tell you. 

Yesterday, we ran out of toilet paper. 
That's a big freakin' deal y'all.
Here was my reaction.

Later, Roomie and I decided that since we only have a mere 2 days left in the dorm, we should just take some toilet paper from the downstairs bathroom. 

And then we got a little crazy with the aforementioned toilet paper because we're actually five-year-olds trapped inside college students' bodies. 

That's it. 

Blog to you later! 


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