Germany Day 2: Black Forest, Sausages, Goats, & Ice Cream


(Side note: I'm feeling better today. Have a slight fever, though, & a mountain of goop in my chest. Drinking lots of hot tea & Emergen-C packets. Just glad I'm not sneezing as much anymore.)

Alrighty. Let's get started here. Day 2 of Germany went down like this:

  1. I wanted to sleep in forever. 
  2. Ended up waking up at 10AM. 
  3. Well, actually Uta woke me up. 
  4. I looked like hell. There were huge bags under my eyes & my hair looked electrocuted. I basically looked like Penny from this episode of The Big Bang Theory...                                                                               
  5. In fact, Uta's friend (the one who only speaks German) laughed at me as I sat down to the table. 
  6. Interesting fact I learned: Back when Germany was separated by the Berlin wall children on the West had to learn English & children on the East had to learn Russian. Can you guess what side Uta lived on?
  7. The three of us ate breakfast.  
  8. Which was really good! I had toast with a blackberry/apple jam that one of Uta's friends made for her. I also had some salami on toast, which was also YUMMY!  
  9. Whenever Uta left the room her only-German-speaking friend & I would just sit there awkwardly, occasionally trying to make conversation by pointing at things & smiling. Like I'd point at one of Uta's cats, smile, poke my chest with my index finger, & then show three fingers. Meaning: I have three cats. 
  10. Then I showered. 
  11. And thankfully didn't look like hell anymore. 
  12. After that, I read for like an hour & a half of "Prodigy" (Read like 100 pages), while Uta & her friend downloaded & edited pictures from a trip they recently took.                                               
  13. Then the three of us & Uta's dog Lena drove up into the Black Forest for lunch. 
  14. We passed by a funny looking car on the way up (the video goes by ridiculously fast).                                                                            
  15. I love the Black Forrest. It is SO pretty!
  16. And I don't know about you, but for me, whenever I'm near a forest I feel at peace, so yeah, that was obviously nice.  
  17. We ate at this restaurant that looked more like a Swiss house.                                                            
  18. I had a really yummy meal: salad, sausages, & fried potatoes. Couldn't get better than that!                                                                                                     
  19. Uta asked if I would like some wine, but I politely declined. 
  20. I think the Wine Festival was enough for a lifetime for me. 
  21. Actually the thought of sipping wine ever again made me feel like this...                                     
  22. Afterwards, we looked at this barn that was near the restaurant.
  23. And there were like a million geese. 
  24. And they were SO loud!
  25. It was funny because Uta said: They'll all be gone by the end of November. 
  26. And then I busted up laughing super hard.                                                                                       
  27. Then we went hiking & it was gorgeous. I'll post pics.                                                                     
  28. It started to thunder & Lena was getting scared, so Uta took her back to the car (which was a ways back) while her only-German-speaking-but-knows-Russian friend & I walked down the hill to a tiny ice cream shop.                                                                                                             
  29. While waiting for Uta to drive back I watched these 3 kids feed goats, finding it hilarious when the kids erupted into giggle fits each time one of the goats nibbled from their hands. They started pulling up nearby grass & tried to feed the dirt/roots part to the goats. I went over to them & showed them that the goats like the top part best.                                                                                                                                                                                       
  30. Then Uta came & we ate some ice cream. 
  31. We each got 3 scoops on a waffle cone. Not gigantic scoops, but rather PERFECTLY portioned scoops. 
  32. From top to bottom I got A.) Hazelnut B.) Chocolate & C.) Espresso.                                            
  33. The most magical thing about that pairing is that when I licked the hazelnut & chocolate at the same time it tasted like Nutella.                                                                                                    
  34. It was SUPER delicious! 
  35. Then we drove back home. 
All in all, it was a fabulous day. I really enjoyed myself. 

Blog to you later! 


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