Summer 2013


Remember this blog?

Yeah, I have one apparently...

Sorry I'm a terrible blogger. I've hardly written a thing this summer and I feel terrible about it. In all honesty, I've kind of been a bum this summer.
Let's see... what have I done?

  1. Hung out with my roommate in Southern CA for about a week.
    1. Went to Disneyland for 2 days.
    2. Lost our car for 20 minutes.  
    3. Got hit on by a 15-year-old boy and I was like: Kid...                                                     
    4. Was the wettest person on the Grizzly Rapids ride in CA Adventure. 
    5. Met Jamie's cute cousins. 
    6. Went to Dana Point. 
    7. Went to Hollywood. 
    8. Went to Beverly Hills. 
    9. Stalked some famous people. 
    10. Ate at IN-N-OUT... of course.  
  2. Made a lot pancakes and waffles for breakfast.                                                                                                                       
  3. Went to Utah. 
    1. Saw Mary Poppins with my family at Tuachan in St. George. 
    2. Drove up to Fish Lake for a (wait for it) fishing trip with my grandparents, great uncle, and 14-year-old cousin Jessica. 
    3. Went fishing out on the lake during a thunder and lightening storm. Super cool!
    4. In total caught 9 rainbow trout!
    5. Gutted my first fish. Nasty. Never want to do that again. 
    6. Played lots of board games with my family. 
    7. Stayed up late chatting with my cuz.
    8. Drove back up to SLC and ate Cafe Rio at the airport. Yum. 
  4. Got my first pap smear & felt like this afterwards...                                                                                                          
  5. Experiencing knee problems, so I've been going to the physical therapist lately. Apparently it looks like there might have been some nerve damage from past back surgeries that has affected my foot which subsequently affected my knees... so I was like:                                                          
  6. Read some books. 
  7. Got THE FAULT IN OUR STARS audiobook, so now this happens all the time...
  8. August 1st: My darling twin cousins were born! Ashlynn & Alexa Yancey. I seriously cannot wait to meet these cuties. 
  9. Went to a wedding in San Francisco and danced all night.                                                      
  10. Went to Utah again. 
    1. Hung out with Erika for a week. Our greeting was basically like this:                       
    2. Enjoyed the art fair her mom was a apart of. 
    3. Almost died in her car. 
    4. Picked up Wendy's (funny thing, as we were driving to Wendy's a very pregnant lady was running up a steep hill in front of us) and drove up to the top of the hill in Bountiful next to the temple. Looked over the city's lights. Very pretty. 
    5. Almost died in her car again. 
    6. Car broke down. Had to wait for tow truck to pick us up. 
    7. Watched the first episode of Dr. Who. Hated it. I don't understand why it is so popular. 
    8. Watched FRIENDS. Never seen it before. 
    9. Hung out with Erika's relatives. 
    10. Played Table Tennis and learned that I am ambidextrous when it comes to the sport. 
  11. Been keeping up with DEXTER. 
  12. Been watching PARKS AND RECREATION. 
  13. Re-watching THE OFFICE.                                                                                                 
  14. Watched the amazing LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES on YouTube. I watched all 100 episodes super fast, did nothing else, and I highly recommend that you do to!          
  15. Been going to the movies a lot. My favorite this summer has been THE WAY, WAY BACK. 
  16. My brother went to college in Montana. 
  17. Went to the fair. 
  18. Been painting a lot.
  19. Am now addicted to Pinterest.                                                                                             
  20. Been keeping up with books being made into films, especially CATCHING FIRE, DIVERGENT, and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. 
  21. Went river rafting. 
  22. And... I haven't been writing that much. 
I know, I know. I was doing so well. 50,000 words now. I guess my problem at the moment is that I have all these scenes written down and in my head, but at the moment I am having a problem with stringing everything together. Also, I've been doing this terrible thing with comparing myself to other published authors and have kind of taken the fun out of writing, which is really too bad. So, I've taken a break and I'm ready to get back into it. I think the other problem, honestly, is that I'm not busy enough. Once I get back into school and get busy again I think the writing will become easier because when my mind is stimulated and I don't have that much time to write is when I write my best stuff. I know, weird.

Honestly, I like editing a first draft better than writing one, but I promise I will finish it and this is what I'll say once I do...

Any how, that's what is up with me. I hope y'all have enjoyed your summer and are looking forward to the fall. Fall is my favorite season!

Blog to you later!


  1. Hahahaha Oh man. You're perfect!!!
    I'm so glad you finally made a blog post again! :)

    Couple things:
    1- I LOVE all the Parks and Rec clips you used
    2- I forgot about all the car problems.... and that I've turned into a Utah driver.... so I was like: When did I almost kill us (twice) in the car?? haha
    3- Our meeting "clip" (I know there's some fancy internet term for these, but I dunno what it is... haha) was SPOT ON.


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