Automatic Flushing & Why I Hate It


So after not blogging for a while this post may seem totally random, but I've actually been thinking about it basically every time I use a public bathroom. (Yeah, TMI, but I suppose you should expect this from me now.)

I just need to vent right here and now about how much I absolutely loathe toilets with automatic flushers. Does anyone out there actually like them? I mean it's nice not to have to grab that nasty metallic handle, but I mean you're going to wash your hands right afterwards any how. Also, you can just use your foot to flush it if you are agile enough and rather not touch the handle with your bare hands.

Here are some reasons why I don't like automatic flushers:

  1. Sometimes they flush while I'm still going... 
  2. And some of them are quite powerful, so they splash me. Gross. 
  3. Sometimes I go into a stall at the airport & the toilet will flush even though I am not using it. The sensor just goes off because I am standing there changing into a pair of different clothes. 
  4. It wastes water.
  5. It's just annoying.  
So there is my little rant on automatic flushing for toilets. What are your thoughts?

Blog to you later! 



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