Favorite TV Shows of 2013

Here is a list of my favorite TV shows from 2013. In order from my most favorite to least favorite.


  1. BREAKING BAD (Watched in 10 weeks. Took me a while to get hooked. I really had to force myself to watch at first, but then loved it! Best show ever in my opinion. Excellent character development, writing, and acting.)
  2. THE KILLING (Didn't like the 3rd season, but the first 2 were great. This is also one of my favorite scores of all time. I also really love the Seattle, WA setting; it's eerie.)
  3. DOWNTON ABBEY (Again, this one took me a couple of episodes to get obsessed. I loved this show and then hated it by the end of Season 3. Too many deaths. It was ridiculous.)
  4. DEXTER (Worst Series Finale Ever. Seriously.) 
  1. PARKS AND RECREATION (I am in love with this show. Love, love, love it. Ron Swanson is my favorite character and I love Treat Yo' Self and Little Sebastian.)
  2. THE OFFICE (Perfect ending to a great show.) 
Reality TV: 
  1. MASTER CHEF JUNIOR (This show is the most amazing thing ever. You have to watch it. Kids cooking masterpieces. Ages 8 - 13. This show was so emotional!)
That's it.
How about you? What was your favorite TV you watched this year?

Blog to you later!


  1. The Mindy Project and New Girl!

    1. I need to check those out! Oh, and I forgot to add "Trophy Wife" to my list. It's brand new. Such a good show! :)


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