Winter Term Summary & Resolution Check Up


I have officially completed Winter Term, meaning I can blog some more! I definitely have a lot to say and am honestly a little overwhelmed as to where I should begin. 

How about an overview of how this term went? 
Sure, let's do that!

So this term was incredibly stressful. I think the consensus is that Winter Term often sucks. It's darker and colder out and that often impacts people's moods. It definitely affects mine. This term I took Writing 323, Psychology for Women, and Statistics 244. Basically, I did a lot of reading, writing, and statistics. 
Earlier I believe I mentioned that I had to write a blog as a part of my Writing 323 assignments. I have and will be posting more of what I wrote in that class here on this blog. 
Psychology of Women was really interesting. I've taken Women Studies before, but I definitely learned a lot more from this class as well! I read an insightful book by Cordelia Fine called Delusions of Gender: How Are Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference. I wrote a research paper on how bipolar disorder affects women's creativity that I really enjoyed writing. I was also introduced to Brene Brown who is an incredible person! I loved her lessons on vulnerability and shame. 
Lastly, Statistics was a fascinating class and the teacher was this happy-go-lucky guy that always made me laugh, however, it was an extremely difficult class. The best thing about Statistics was the friends I made!
Kind of felt like this at the end of the term... 

Ok, now an overview of my 2014 New Year's Resolution.

1.) Volunteering at least once a month. 
In January I volunteered for the Red Cross; I did stuff like give donors drinks (water & juice), snacks, stickers, and t-shirts. My favorite part about this was all the amazing conversations I had with people, both the donors and the other volunteers.
Sadly, I didn't get a chance to volunteer during February. February was a little insane...
But I volunteered at the beach today! Pacific City to be more specific. My friend Becky and I worked with SOLVE and picked up some trash. It was fun! There honestly wasn't that much. We went on a pleasant walk along the shore. We woke up at 6:30am this morning, my step-dad made us chocolate chip pancakes, we hopped in the car, picked up some Dutch Bros, got to the coast at 9:30am, picked up trash until 11:30am, ate lunch at the Pelican Pub, left by 12:17pm, drove up to Portland (listening to Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), dropped her off, and then picked my mom up at the airport. I had a great day today!

2.) Write 2 blog posts a month. 
Yeah, still need to work on that. Haha.

3.) Send query letters out to literary agents once a month for Novel #1. 
Yep, I've been doing that!

4.) Read at least 20 books. 
Kind of behind on that, but working on it! Love to hear your book suggestions!

5.) Write a letter to someone who inspires me once a month. 
Totally been doing this! Already wrote two letters to two people I normally wouldn't have written to, but who nonetheless inspire me. I think it's incredibly important to let people know when they inspire you! I still need to decide on my March person.

6.) Complete Novel #2. 
I still have the rest of the year to complete this, but yeah... along with college, my social life, and getting the house ready to sell... I'm working on it.

7.) Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from PSU by the end of 2014. 
Still on track!

8.) Treat myself nicer. 
Yes, definitely being nicer to myself! Not comparing myself to others as much. Accepting that it's ok to go at my pace and be myself. On Valentines Day my friends and I definitely had a Treat Yo Self Moment!
9.) Take care myself, especially my back. Keep up with Yoga & Water Aerobics. Walk more, sit less. Eat healthier. Drink lots of water daily. 
This happened more at the beginning of the term and as finals approached it quickly declined, but I will for sure get back on track for Spring Term!

10.) Take a self-defense class. 
Um, so, I totally forgot I even made this goal. So yeah, I need to get on top of this before the end of the year. Haha.

11.) Secure an internship for 2015. 
Um, no. This hasn't happened yet.

12.) At the end of the night write 5 things that went well that day.  
Yep! I do this every night and it makes me very grateful for what a lucky life I have.

Alright, I think that's all for now folks!

How was your Winter Term and/or how are your 2014 New Year's Resolutions going?
Blog to you later!



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