Terrible Senior Living Names

So earlier this week my friends and I drove passed this senior living home in Portland called "Visiting Angels", which we both cringed and laughed at because... ok come on... really? Visiting Angels? I then told them about this place for seniors in Santa Rosa, California called "Journey's End", which I personally think is a worse name. Haha. Anyhow, I think the thing I'd like to bring up here is our uncomfortableness with death. Do these titles freak us out because they allude to death and that's just something we shouldn't bring up around the elderly? But why? Because I'm pretty sure they're not oblivious to their own mortality. Why does the inevitable freak us out so much? I don't know. I definitely don't have the answers for you tonight. Just throwing out food for thought.

What do you think about these names? Is it ok to acknowledge death?

Blog to you later!


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