Tribute for Red

Fly Mask Shame. 
Tonight I would like to pay tribute to my beloved horse Red who I had the pleasure of knowing for a little over a decade. Sadly, he was put down on April 1st (which, let's be honest, is terrible day to die because it is not a joking matter). He was 24-years-young and suffering from heart failure, but I don't want that to be everyone's last memory of him because there was so much more to his life than how it ended and I think it's important that I share it here.

Things about Red:

  1. Breed: Thoroughbred. 
  2. Height: 16.2 hands. 
  3. Coloring: Red chestnut. 
  4. Had four strands of hair for his forelock. 
  5. Race horse. Hunter/Jumper. Cross Country. Family Pet. 
  6. Racing Name: Red Necktie. 
  7. Nicknames: Red-a-roo. 
  8. He won 2 races in his career. (I believe he won $10,000 & $17,000.)
  9. Biggest Fear: Llamas.  
  10. Strange Fact: He was Narcoleptic. 
  11. Favorite spot to be rubbed: Underneath his jaw. 
  12. Favorite treats: Peppermints & Nacho Doritos. 
  13. Favorite place to stand: Underneath the tree in our pasture. 
Dressage for High School Equestrian. 

Some of my Fondest Memories of Red: 
  1. Racing him full speed in the Christmas Tree Farm behind my house. 
  2. Winning first place at the Lake Oswego Hunt Club Horse Trials (our first 3-day event).
  3. Going down to Sacramento for a cross country clinic and getting to camp with him too. I was only 14 and he was just 16. 
  4. Chasing him on foot in the pasture. He loved when I chased him. It was a game.
  5. Just spending time with him in the barn. Mucking out his stall. That peace I shared with him was priceless and something I'll never forget.
  6. Gaining confidence with him. He was my biggest teacher. I learned more about riding and true horsemanship with him at home, just the two of us, than I ever did at a training stable with an instructor. Taking care of him also turned me into a very responsible human being and I'm so thankful for everything he's taught me. 

Waiting for the farrier. 
I'm truly going to miss him, but I am glad he is in heaven now, no longer suffering. Eating as many peppermints and Nacho Doritos as he wants. I will always cherish the time I had with him. 

Love you big guy. Rest in peace. 

If you'd like to share any of your stories about a pet who has passed away, please do! I'd love to read your favorite memories of them. 

Blog to you later!

I am currently writing a Chicken Soup for the Soul essay about an experience I had with Red that I will share on here as soon as I finish and polish it up! 


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