I'm a Synesthete!


Have you ever heard of the word synesthesia? If the answer is no, that's ok! I didn't learn about it until my first psychology class in college.
So what is it? Synesthesia, according to the dictionary on my laptop, is the "production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body." Here is a video to better explain this. 

I actually have synesthesia! Therefore, I am a synesthete! 

When I see a number a color will pop in my mind. Here is what I see. 

0 - No color. 

I have NO idea why I associate these colors with these numbers... I just do. One day my roommate and I were hiking and I freaked out over an address number mainly because I liked the color pairing that I associated with it. My favorite number is 1023. Haha. White, No Color, Blue, Green. I really like that pairing for some reason. Also, I see colors with birthdays. For instance, my twins cousins' birthday is August 1st, 2013, so I see Purple (not sure why I see Purple for August, but I do), White, and Neon Green.

One of my friends sees colors when she hears notes on the piano. I think this is super cool!
How about you? Are you a synesthete?

Blog to you later!


  1. I had no idea that you were a synesthete! That is so interesting!
    When I was younger, I wished that I was one. haha.

    1. Oh wow! I thought I told you for some reason. Haha. Yeah! Surprise!


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