My Proposition: Let's Be More Positive

(Because I have to add an Office gif.)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who shared the link to my novel. I really, really appreciate it. Almost 1,000 views just this month, which is fantastic! Please tell me what you think if you are reading it. I'd truly love to hear your thoughts!

Secondly, I'll be writing more posts about my life, like how last term went and what my plans are for the summer. And I'm sure I'll be writing a bunch of other random stuff as well. Sort of like this current post.

So, this is going to be a short post. It's just been on my mind a lot lately and I thought I would share my thoughts with y'all.

Well... to start, I have to admit something: I'm addicted to Instagram. I'm on there all the time, posting a ton of pics of my life, but mostly looking at Sheri Dupree's baby Lucy because she is so freaking cute and I love her family (gosh, I sound like such a creep). Well, recently one of my friends went on a trip to Greece and I noticed that she's been getting a lot of comments like...

  1. "i might actually hate you"
  2. "Ugh I hate you. Hope you're having a blast."
...and I'm just wondering if these comments are really necessary. If we are jealous of someone should we really be saying "I hate you." And like I realize these comments aren't meant to be taken seriously, but when I used to receive comments like this when I posted something cool about my life (such as pictures from my trip to Europe) I would almost feel guilty for sharing something positive about my life and, honestly, I don't like that feeling. I think instead of expressing jealousy/hate we should be expressing more love (as cheesy as that may sound). Because in all honesty I'd rather receive comments like...
  1. "Wow! I'm so excited for you!"
  2. "I love that you get to go on this amazing adventure!"
But seriously... aren't these two the cutest?!
and doesn't it feel better to tell someone this rather than to express your jealousy. I mean, I know it does for me. 

Just something I noticed. Is this something you do or notice? Do you think you will change? 

Blog to you later! 


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