13 Practical Ways to Exercise Your Brain


Last summer I read a book called "Making a Good Brain Great" by Dr. Daniel Amen and loved it! (That's right, I read a book all on brains over the summer. I'm a neuro nerd!) 

I thought I'd share this list Dr. Amen wrote of 13 ways to exercise your brain and to make your life more interesting. 
  1. Dedicate yourself to new learning. 
  2. Take a class about something new & interesting. 
  3. Cross-train at work. 
  4. Improve your skills at something you already do. 
  5. Limit TV for kids & adults. 
  6. Limit video games. 
  7. Join a reading group that keeps you accountable for new learning. 
  8. Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. 
  9. Break the routine of your life to stimulate new parts of the brain.
    1. Try a new sport. 
    2. Take a class in a subject you know nothing about. 
    3. Learn new cooking recipes. 
    4. Do some volunteer work. 
    5. Try a different shampoo, etc. 
    6. Go to church or a different one. 
    7. Go to an opera or symphony concert. 
    8. Join a self-development group. 
    9. Spend time reading the dictionary or a reference book--learn a new word each day. 
    10. Take time out of each day to strengthen a relationship--spouse, lover, child, or friend. 
    11. Make a new friend--call up someone & ask him or her to do something with you. 
    12. Contact an old friend you haven't talked to in a while. 
    13. Submit a new idea at work, maybe even one you've thought about for a while but were too embarrassed to mention because you thought no one would be interested in it. 
    14. Forgive someone you hold a grudge against. 
  10. Compare how similar things work. 
    1. Learning to see, hear, feel, or taste subtle changes will enhance your sensory ability & stimulate brain growth.
  11. Visit new & different places. 
  12. Cultivate smart friends.
  13. Treat learning problems to help kids and adults stay in school. 
Are you doing any of these things now? Which one of these do you need to work on?

Blog to you later! 


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