Lightning Strike


So, today has been a little crazy. A video I took yesterday was featured on Good Morning America and apparently ABC World News. Haha! It's a little unreal.

So, here's what happened. Yesterday, Sunday, July 13th, there was an insanely loud thunder and lightning storm right over my house in Salem. Our miniature horses were outside running around, not taking shelter, so we wanted to get them inside the barn where they'd be safer. Well, my step-dad Mike and I went out into the garage and before we went out into the storm I turned on my iPhone's camera and recorded our journey out to the horses. As Mike and I ran outside I said: "You never know what I might catch on camera."

Well, as we were running out I yelled "Going into the storm!" and then chuckled because nothing was happening, but then immediately afterwards this lightning bolt strikes the ground a couple feet from us and you can see the flash in the video. Apparently, I don't respond to fear in a normal way like falling to the ground, instead I just laugh like a maniac.

Anyways, after this happened my mom ran out and made us come back inside, get the minis later. I watched the video over and I almost peed my pants I thought it was so funny. So, I sent it to my local news station KATU News and then they sent it to Good Morning America, who then contacted me to see if it was OK to air the clip. I was like: Of course!

And then they did this morning and this evening! So, it's been pretty exciting. Haha! Glad I didn't die. Glad I find humor in the strangest things--keeps my life interesting for sure!

Blog to you later!


I just sent it to the Ellen Degeneres Show, so cross your fingers it gets played on there too!


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