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Sorry it's been a while. Still working on my 2nd week at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp post, however, it's been slightly delayed because I've been incredibly busy. Actually, I planned on publishing it tonight, but in my post I had this ridiculously long introduction as to why I haven't written it right away, so I decided to split the posts into two. 

Here's what I've been up to. Immediately after camp I went to: 

1.) My friend from high school's wedding in McMinnville, Oregon. 
Kylie's wedding was beautiful! Lost of candles, flowers, & fun activities!
They also had a photo-booth Mom & I took full advantage of. 
2.) Immediately after that I flew to Sacramento to hang out with my roommate Jamie who will be living in Prague for a year (she leaves in September, so I wanted to see her before she left). My other friends from Portland State University were there too, so we spent the day in San Francisco. We ate dim sum in China Town, went to Mrs. Doubtfire's house, and also hung out at Pier 39 where we went on the cheesiest underground tour called The San Francisco Dungeon which was over-priced, super creepy, but definitely fun (I certainly screamed every time the lights went out because I thought there was a slight possibility we'd end up on Dateline.) We had a blast! 
Candid shot of Bekah, Jamie, & Brenna. 
I love how this American flag mural is in China Town. (Bekah, Me, & Jamie.)
Jamie walking the streets of China Town. Love the lanterns! 
House from "Mrs. Doubtfire."

Lots of people came to pay tribute to him. People left flowers, wrote messages in chalk on the sidewalks, & took pictures.
Rest in Peace Robin Williams. 

"We'll miss your ability to make us laugh, smile, and forget our troubles."
False Advertising. For the hour you're down there you are only in this boat for about 5 minutes. 
You gotta eat at IN-N-OUT when visiting California. (Jamie told us to take a big bite before snapping this pic.)
3.) After that, I flew directly to Salt Lake City, Utah for my cousin Ashley's wedding. She got married at the Salt Lake City Temple and then had the reception in her backyard. While I was in Temple Square I was able to sneak in a quick visit to see one of my best friends Erika Juengling, who works with her dad in the Family History Center. The reception was a lot of fun! I busted out my fantastically awkward dance moves and ate about fifteen chocolate covered strawberries. Good times!
Pics of me and Ashley as little kids. 

Now we're in our twenties & one of us is married & the other is about to graduate with her B.S. in Psychology!
My Bro & Dad are some of the funniest people I know. Love them so much! Glad I got to hang out with them at Ashley's wedding. :)

The clouds were absolutely incredible during my trip! In case you didn't know this I'm a big fan of skies. 

Loved the decorations at the wedding reception! Especially this Pinterest-approved "Love" sign. 

(Top Left: Ashley & her husband Xavier.) Isn't that cake gorgeous?
My cousin Hunter is on a mission right now in Europe, but his presence was still felt at the wedding. (Btw: My grandpa blew up his head and pasted it on a cardboard cutout of Joe Biden. Haha! Too funny, right?)

Like uncle like niece. (My dad & 1-year-old cousin Ashlynn.) 
Drew, Ashlynn, Dad, & Me. (I think Ashlynn was eyeing the chocolate covered strawberries. Don't blame her. They were delicious!)

Sometimes babies don't like taking photos... We love them anyways. Haha! (I'm holding Alexa and doesn't Drew look like a freaking model here? So glad he finally got a haircut.)
4.) After the wedding, I flew back to Oregon and volunteered for Hood to Coast at exchange 33, which was near the coast, but not quite at the coast. I helped direct traffic, which there was a lot of actually! Brought my friend Carol along from Portland! We had a blast cheering on runners! At one point I got to call out the numbers of the racers which was my favorite part. Almost everyone thanked us for volunteering. It was so freaking nice! Great people and energy! I actually got quite sunburned on my right side because I was standing in direct sunlight for 4 hours. My mom ran it and afterwards we spent the night at Rockaway Beach in a rented house with all her other teammates. It was really crazy and chaotic, but a lot of fun too! I'm planning on doing the walking portion next year, which is actually Portland to Coast instead of Hood to Coast. Let me know if you'd like to as well! We should start putting a team together!

Before volunteering we stopped at Astoria Coffee House & Bistro for breakfast and it was absolutely delicious! Probably the best huevous rancheros I've ever had. I aslo got a yummy hot chocolate. One of my favorite things about this restaurant were the decorations. They had a zillion globes scattered about the restaurant. I want to fill my future house with globes too!
Cool, right? And I especially love that no animals were harmed in the making of these (at least I hope not...). 
Pretty fantastic artwork in the bathroom! Not a bad place to pee...
Hood to Coast runners. 
Van at Hood to Coast: "Chafing the Dream."
Carol enjoying the chilly evening breeze and fog at Rockaway Beach. So thrilled with how the picture turned out!
Anyways, that's what I have been up too recently! I promise I will crank out that post about camp soon.

What have y'all been up too? Have you had an enjoyable summer or are you ready for fall?

Blog to you later!


  1. Your posts are the best!!
    And I love all the sweet photos you've been able to get!

    1. Thanks Erika! I've definitely been a lot more mindful lately when it comes to taking photos. I keep thinking: "Oooh, I HAVE to document this for my blog!"


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